Demond Wilson might have a very different life than all of us. From an actor in Hollywood to the Preacher, he has a separate image in the media. However, Hollywood is a place of glamour and dream of many. But it turns an actor like Demond Wilson into an evangelist.

There is a huge tragedy story behind the actor’s professional life to personal life after some years of his marriage with his wife, Cicely Johnston. Let’s find out all of your question’s answers here on: Demond Wilson and Cicely Johnston Relationship.

Demond Wilson and Cicely Johnston Marriage

A great actor by profession Demond Wilson and a celebrity wags Cicely Johnston were tied their knots on 3rd May 1974. The marriage was indeed a very precious moment for both of them as they waited so long. Long-term dating partners connected in marital life, and time after time, their bonding kept on becoming stronger.

The happily married couple were enjoying their lives happily, and soon they were blessed by kids. Yes, the couple has shared a total of 6 Children. However, their names were still hidden as the couple did not want to reveal them.

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Unbreakable Relationship

There are always certain ups and downs in a relationship but what really matters is how you could handle it. Isn’t it? Demond Wilson has a professional life in Hollywood. He started to run behind the success and soon able to get every possible thing like a Mansion, Cars, and lots of money. He has got everything he dreamed of. But also, it was his dream that gave birth to relationship problems in their happy married life. Demond Wilson and Cicely Johnston Relationship: Almost Broke Their Marriage

His addiction to Hollywood’s glamour was slowly taking him away from his lovely wife and children. In an interview named Sanford and Son Cast, he himself accepted that he was so much caught up with his career and dream that he was barely able to think about his family. Their marriage relationship was almost at the breaking stage.

Demond Wilson and Cicely johnston
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Later on, he realized that he is in the state of losing the most precious thing that matters most to him. When he did not say anything or anyone to help him, he started to pray for his family to God. As he was a catholic, his strong prayers were heard by God, and he got his wife and family back. Hence, Demond and Cicely completed more than 4 decades together now.