Sometimes, we have to get away from our loved ones due to some unbearable differences. Even though sometimes it’s just a talk is what we need to resolve, sometimes it’s often harder to do so. Similarly, today, we will discuss yet another ex-wife of the popular celebrity banned as Debbie Shreve. Debbie Shreve is a real state agent and the popular American star Danny Trejo Wife. The couple was the talk of the town when they first started dating. However, their relationship soon shattered due to some differences.

Debbie Shreve is not only a real state agent, but she has also acted in some movies. Before the divorce, the couple played over 4 movies together. Though the couple’s differences were hanging out together for over 2 years after their divorce, now they don’t. Debbie is also among a few celebrities who don’t know to reveal their life to the public. Due to his reason, people and the fans of Danny have several questions regarding her present life. So, today we will learn about the popular celebrity ex-wife and learn all about her lifestyle from her biography.

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Quick Facts
Full NameDebbie Shreve
Date of Birth5th of June 1957
BirthplaceTarzana, California, USA
RelationshipDivorced to Danny Trejo
Net worth$1.5 Million
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Zodiac SignGemini
ChildrenGilbert and Danielle
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorBlue
Debbie Shreve
Debbie Shreve with her husband, Danny, Via Getty

How old is Debbie Shreve?

Her current age as of 2022 is around 65 years old. Debbie Shreve was born on the 5th of June 1957 in Tarzana, California. Growing up, she held an American nationality card, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Due to several privacy reasons, Debbie has not revealed anything about her parents and siblings yet.

Is Debbie Shreve still alive?

As far as different media sources are concerned, Debbie is still alive and living her best life. The news regarding her death is just a rumor. Though we don’t know if she still lives with her sons, she is alive per different media records. We suggest you follow the socials of her sons to learn more about her health. Moreover, she also doesn’t have any health complications at the moment.

Where did Debbie receive her Education?

Several rumors run around Los Angeles that she graduated from a finance college in San Francisco. However, this detail is yet to be confirmed by the popular celebrity ex-wife. As for her registered education, she has finished her primary and secondary education at her near schools in California. Moreover, Debbie met Danny when she was studying her university.

Debbie Shreve
Debbie Shreve’s old picture with her husband Via Instagram

How did Debbie start her Career?

She started her acting career by appearing in a comedy short movie, Tennis Anyone? The short movie was released in 2005, and she acted as its Assistant to Hector. Afterward, she only did two movies in 2006 before retiring as an actress. Her next movie was along with her husband in High Hopes.

The movie was released in 2006, and she played her role as a casting director. Finally, her work can be seen in Vengenace, released in 2006. After Vengenace, she stopped her acting career to focus on her finance. Debbie Shreve is a well-recognized real state agent.

Did Debbie Shreve have kids with Danny Trejo?

Yes, the popular Hollywood couple had two kids before they even married. Danny Trejo Wife gave birth to her 2nd child when she married Danny in 1997. As of now, the couples have two kids together but have been living separately since 2009. The first child is her son name Gilbert, and 2nd is her daughter Daniele. However, they are the only child of Debbie Shreve. Danny also had another baby boy after the divorce named Danny Boy Trejo.

Is Debbie active on social media?

The information about her using social media is rather questionable. Some accounts are under her name, but they all seem fake. As of 2022, we do know that she is pretty old, but the pictures of any of those researched accounts don’t match her face. Moreover, there was a rumor saying that she have a Twitter account. Nevertheless, that rumor was false. However, people claim that this might be caused due to her death. So, she is still alive and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Debbie Shreve
Debbie Shreve with her daughter and husband Via Getty

What is Debbie Shreve Net Worth?

Debbie Shreve is a popular real states agent from Los Angeles. Before marrying Danny, Debbie was fully busy with her career and always had her eye on the target. She started her journey in real estate when she was married to her ex-husband. She now owns a typical business firm in Los Angels and seems to be making good cash out of it. If we have to calculate, her net worth might come to around $1.5 Million by 2022.

What is Debbie Shreve Height?

Unlike her husband, she is rather short. Her actual height is around 5 feet and 5 inches, with her body mass behind 76kgs. Still, now, she has an athletic body build with border arms and waist. Moreover, she resembles a typical caucasian face with Blond hair and blue eyes. Finally, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

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