Who doesnt like horror movies and tv shows? Do you like it? or do you still think there is plenty of time to think before watching one? No matter the cause, we must admit that horror movies are one of the nerve-racking movie genres of all time. We started the talk of horror films to let you guys know about our today’s coverage, Daniel Zovatto. Daniel Zovatto is a well-established Costa Rican American actor famous for his works in Don’t Breathe, Fear the walking dead, and a few others.

Though the actor is quite famous in the media, people still have less information about his background. Whenever his fans want to learn more about his experience, they find it hard because of the lack of information available regarding those areas. Even though he is publicly available on various parts of the internet, We decided to cover more about him. So, you guys might have a bit overview of his life.

Quick Facts
Name Daniel Zovatto
Age 31 years old
Date of Birth 28th of June 1991
Place of Birth San Jose, Costa Rica
Nationality Costa Rican
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Daniel Zovatto
Mother Silvia Blanco
Siblings Unknown
Relationship Married to Tara Holt
Hair Color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Height 5 feet and 11 inches
Weight 70kgs
Children Two
Net Worth $1 Million

Daniel Zovatto
Daniel Zovatto in suit and tie Via Getty

What is Daniel Zovatto Age?

Currently, it seems that the actor is around 31 years old. Daniel Zovatto was born on the 28th of June 1991 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Due to his birthright, his nationality, Costa Rican, and his ethnicity are somewhat Mixed. He is the son of Christian parents named Silvia Blanco and Daniel Zovatto. Besides that, we certainly don’t have enough information about his family.

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Did Daniel Zovatto reveal anything about his academic details in his interview?

Celebs often don’t reveal much about their educational background they are attending their interviews. If you look closely on the internet, it seems that his name coincides with the other Daniel Zovatto, who appears to be an International IDEA. However, his life is different from theirs as he has not attended any Ph.D. as shown on google. We also don’t know if he even attended university, for that matter.

When did Daniel Zovatto start working in Station Eleven?

Station Eleven is one of his recently debuted television series. Though he started working on that tv show in 2021, Station Eleven has soon become his most famous tv show so far. From 2021 to 2022, he has been able to play ten episodes. He also trended in his own country where people started searching for Daniel Zovatto Películas y Programas de Televisión. Other than Station 11, he is also renowned for his works like It Follows and others.

Daniel Zovatto
Daniel Zovatto Via Getty

Is Daniel Zovatto gay?

No, he is indeed not gay from his sexuality. When the actor started appearing in popular movies and tv shows without any background in dating news. People began wondering whether he was gay from his sexuality or not. However, we inform you that he is married to his wife, Tara Holt. Both couples started dating back in 2016 and finally decided to tie their knots in 2017.

Does Daniel have his own social media account?

Yes, the famous mixed-ethnic actor does have his own social media account. Among his social media account, it seems that he uses Instagram the most. However, most are also in the most minimal sense you can see. He occasionally posts on Instagram about his upcoming projects and doesn’t like to reveal that much about his private life. So, if you are looking forward to some sneak peeks about his projects, it’s a must follow his Instagram.

Daniel Zovatto
Daniel Zovatto Via Instagram

What is Daniel Zovatto Net Worth?

Even though back in the years of 2012, Daniel Zovatto was of struggling actor. However, it seems that he was able to figure out more about his life and was also able to earn a little more from his newer creations. So, what is his net worth anyway?

Though we think he is making a decent income from his work. We were still not able to track down his net worth. From what we know, his net worth might be around $1 Million as of 2022. From now, he is only focusing on increasing his funds as he also follows the advertisements campaigns of his features like Lady Bird and a few others.

What is Daniel Height?

Daniel is a rather tall individual with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and a body weight of 70 kg. He resembles a typical mixed ethnic facial structure with black hair and dark brown eyes. Furthermore, he loves to dye his hair whenever the project asks for it. Finally, it seems that his zodiac sign is Cancer. (https://editorialrm.com/) As of now, he is completely healthy and is not suffering from any major health complications.

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