On our website, we rarely talk about any doctors. However, that will change today as we talk more about a celebrity named Courtenay Chatman. Courtenay Chatman is not only a doctor, but she is also the ex-wife of Michael Jai White. Since they were both pretty much associated at a certain point, today, we will relate them together to learn more about Courtenay Chatman. 

We have to do this because we don’t have any information regarding the life of Dr Courtenay. Any information regarding her life and career is kept private even after the divorce of the famous couple. Hence, we tried to find as much information publicly available on the Internet so that you could learn more about her life. 

Quick Facts
NameCourtenay Chatman
Age44 years
Date of Birth13th of Jan 1978
Place of BirthUSA
EthnicityAfrican American
RelationshipDivorced to Michael Jai White
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Weight57 kilograms
Net Worth$5 million
Courtenay Chatman
Courtenay Chatman with her husband Via Getty

What Is Dr Courtenay Chatman Age?

Even though she has never shared any details regarding her life, from different media sources, we came to know that her current age is around 44 years. Courtenay Chatman was born on the 13th of Jan 1978 in the United States of America. From her birth details, we learned that her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is African American. Other than that, she has not shared any details regarding her life.

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Where did Courtenay get her degree in Gynecology?

Well, since she has never revealed anything regarding her life in any interviews. Some significant pieces of the puzzle regarding herself are still missing. One of them being her education details. She has never revealed any details regarding where she got her degree. Because of this and other reasons, it is tough to claim any information regarding her degree. 

Did Courtenay become popular because of Michael Jai White?

Indeed, she became famous because of her association with her husband, Michael Jai White. For those who don’t know, Michael Jai White is a popular martial artist and an actor. He is famous for his works in movies and television shows like Blood and Bone and Never back down, among others. He’s a well-known and charismatic fighting actor of the 2000 era. Since his spotlight was pretty big, she even got to share some shine. 

Courtenay Chatman
Courtenay Chatman with her husband Via Instagram

Why did Micheal Jai White and Courtenay Chatman divorce?

When a couple goes through uncertain times and has a lot of fights in their life. It is all because of a specific reason. However, when you are a public celebrity, any details regarding your life must not go public. This is how we thought when we tried to learn more about the reasons behind the divorce. However, through some media articles, we learned that Michael cheated on Courtenay.

The couple was married in 2005, and it seems he was already having an extramarital affair with Claudia. This particular incident led to an immediate divorce in 2011. Even though they were together only for a specific time, they shared a son named Morgan Michelle White. 

What is the Instagram of Courtenay Chatman?

When we researched Courtenay more, we thought we would land on her social media named Dr Courtenay Chatman Ob Gyn. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. We searched her name on social media platforms but were handed nothingness. It appears that she doesn’t have a social media account, or the one she has is kept private.  

Courtenay Chatman
Courtenay Chatman with his husband Via Getty

What is Courtenay Chatman Net Worth?

As we said above, even before becoming the wife of the famous actor Michael, she was a successful gynecologist. Hence, you can confirm that she was already making a decent amount of income without the support of her husband since it didn’t reveal anything about her life when she was with her husband.

It is tough to learn anything right now when she is not around the media spotlight. However, when we researched through some articles, we knew that she might as well be making around $5 million as of 2022. 

How tall is Courtenay Chatman?

Well, she represents a typical facial structure of an African American woman with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The same thing can be said of her body structure as she got a height of 5 feet and seven inches, along with a body weight of 57 kilograms. Due to a lack of media coverage, we don’t do anything regarding her well-being. Finally, it seems that her Zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

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