Do you feel delicious when your name is already a snack? Similarly, today, we have a celebrity’s coverage whose name means a snack. Chinara Butler is an American celebrity Wife, Mom, and CEO. Chinara is famous around America for being the wife of the popular rapper  Pimp C. Besides that, she is famous for her own achievements like; being the CEO of a Popular book and beauty line called UGQ and AllthingsTrill. Moreover, she’s also rumored to be an actor and an executive producer. However, the details about her project are not that publicly available.

Being a woman with multi-talents, She is famous for good and bad reasons. As we said earlier, She is popular for being the wife of an American rapper who is now dead. As a matter of fact, they fell in love when he was in prison. After getting married in 2003, her husband died shortly due to an accident. However, today, she has become the talk due to her books and apparel. Therefore, in today’s biography, we will learn about Chinara Butler and her life.

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Quick Facts
Full NameChinara Butler
Date of BirthUnknown
Net worth$2 Million
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Children1 Daughter
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Chinara Butler
Chinara Butler front face Via Weafrique

What is Chinara Butler Age?

As of 2022, she should be around the age of 44 years. She did not mention any details about her birthdate and birthplace in any of the sources as well as on social media. Even though we don’t know anything about her birth date, we know that her nationality is American, and she’s of African American ethnicity. She has not shared details about her parents, family and siblings.

Where did Chinara receive her Education?

Through different media sources, we collected information about her Education. However, we don’t find the exact details about her primary Education. So later on, after the actress reveals her study background. After the validation, we will be updating this article. It seems that she attended Lamar University for her financial degree.

Then, to complete her financial degrees, she went to Texas Southern University for her Master’s and Ph.D. Different media.  As per the research pimps and Chinara come to know each other since high school. However, they came close to each other when she studied at university.

Is Chinara Butler Married?

As we said earlier, the couple were married back in 2003. She has always had an interest in pimps since her high school times. But she was not able to reveal her feelings in front of him. However, when she found him Vulnerable. Hence, the couple married in 2003 and even had a daughter together. As of now, the pimp is not with us because he died due to sleep apnoeas drugs. However, Chinara still misses him and shares the memories with him when he is alive.

Chinara Butler
Chinara Butler with her husband Via Gdprappers

Is Chinara active on social media?

It is quite hard to locate her Instagram account. When you search her name on Google, it shows different Chinese cuisines or even some Grammarly check outline automatic tries to change the spelling of Chinara to China. So, be careful about these things before stepping towards the Chinara research. However, you don’t have to worry because we have already searched her official Instagram account for you. She user Instagram under the username @chinarabutler.

What is Chinara Butler Net Worth?

Chinara Butler Is the CEO of two companies. She has one book publishing company and a beauty line under herself, which means she makes a good amount of money. Moreover, she also has over 10,000 employees working for her business.

Furthermore, she has also revealed about her life through her books. So after taking an average of all of her sources of income, it seems that her net worth is around $2 million as of 2022. 

Chinara Butler
Chinara Butler very old picture together Via Reno

What is Chinara Butler Height?

Even though it might seem that she’s taller than her late husband, PimpC, her height is around 5 feet and five inches, with her body weight around 62KG. She resembles a typical African American facial structure with black hair and dark brown eyes. she lives a healthy life and has no health complications. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information about Chinara, stay tuned with us for further facts and detail about that legend.

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