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Cathy Areu Spouse is a very hot topic to many viewers after she stole the limelight in a case where she was blamable for exploiting her mother. Cathy is 52 years old American journalist and has recently become a major topic to many people. She is girt by many controversies right now, and she has lost many of her fans due to the accusation. Many rumors surround her, and she is having difficulty facing the media now.

Many rumors suggested her spouse was her support system in the case of her mother’s exploitation.  As she lost many fans on the journey, those people are really curious about her spouse and the reason behind his support. She is reportedly straight and is living a happy married life. Stick to the article to know more about Cathy Areu spouse.

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Cathy Areu Spouse
Areu, a journalist

Who is Cathy Areu Spouse?

According to the internet, Cathy Areu is a straight woman and is living a happy married life. Sources claim that she is in a relationship with a long-term boyfriend and is living a lavish life with him. Additionally, they also have two children, and both of them are girls. She has disclosed about her girls in the media.

But Cathy claims to be unmarried and does not prefer talking about her personal life. She subtly avoids the media whenever questioned about her details. There were rumors that Cathy Areu’s husband had been seen with her at a New York event. But, she disavows these allegations, claiming that she is not conjugal. She is very good at avoiding the limelight despite having all the spotlight in her works.

Cathy Areu Spouse
Cathy with her daughter

Was Cathy Husband her Support System?

According to sources, Areu, a former regular guest on Fox News, put her mother, who is 88 years old, into a nursing home twice without her will and stole at least $224,000 from her. Authorities in Florida claim that she has even dragged her mother out of her house. ( Cathy Areu, who offered a liberal viewpoint on multiple shows, is accused of numerous crimes, including kidnapping and organizing a fraud operation. For Cathy, surviving the spotlight was incredibly difficult as a result of these accusations.

Cathy Areu Spouse
Cathy, with fellow journalists

More sources claim that her husband was her support system during this hard time. He really helped her survive the limelight and kept her off of it. He even kept their children safe and was very protective of them. Various sources claim these, but there is no evidence for this.

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