Known as the mother of Formula One driver (F1) racing Championships, Lewis Hamilton, the 67-years old Carmen Larbalestier is a well-famed British lady from England. Although she is famous because of her professional racing car driver son, people are also interested in her personal life happenings. They often want to know who Carmen Larbalestier Husband is at present and how she has spent her life these days. We will answer these questions in the coming paragraphs below.

Carmen Larbalestier was born in the month of November of 1955. So, unfortunately, her childhood stories have not existed on the internet. But she was raised in a beautiful and comfortable environment in Birmingham, England, UK. Growing up, the lady received quality education from her hometown and later worked in typical accounting jobs.

How is Carmen Larbalestier Relationship With Her Son Lewis Hamilton?

Carmen Larbalestier Husband
Carmen Larbalestier With Her Son Lewis Hamilton Via.

However, Carmen did not take much time as her life started taking different twists and turns. She married two times in her life. Thus, her struggles and compromises for the family presented the strong character of the lady in front of the world. Let’s know about her marriage and divorces in more detail.

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Fell in Love With Racing Car Manager Anthony Hamilton!

Carmen Larbalestier felt highly attracted towards a racing car manager, Anthony Hamilton, during the 1970s. Anthony is of black descendent guy whereas Carmen is from a pure white ethnical background. But as they are dipped under the oceans of pure love, it does not bother them anyway. Finally, the two exchanged their wedding vowed in 1979.

Furthermore, Carmen and Anthony peacefully stayed together for many years. They have a strong bond with infinite love and respect for one another. However, things started bittering up when Anthony got more involved in his career. He becomes so obsessed with the thirst for glory that he even forgets his wife and family.

Carmen Larbalestier Husband
Carmen Larbalestier with Raymond Lockhart, Lewis Hamilton, Anthony Hamilton, and Linda Hamilton

As a result, Carmen Larbalestier divorced Anthony Hamilton in 1987. However, before their divorce, the ex-couple gave birth to a son named Lewis Hamilton in January 1985. Lewis was just two-years-old when his parents divorced and separated. Anthony left his family and started his new life with his current wife, Linda Hamilton. Then, Carmen took responsibility for her son Lewis and raised him till he reached 12. Later, Carmen’s son became a Formula One Racing Champion and earned worldwide recognition for himself and his mother.

What Is Carmen Larbalestier Net Worth? Learn About Her Earnings and Salary

Carmen Larbalestier Married Life with Raymond Lockhart!

After parting ways with ex-husband f, Carmen spent many years as a divorced lady. Finally, however, she found her love in a well-known British entrepreneur Raymond Lockhart who held her hands in her hard times. However, people are still confused about when and where Carmen and Raymond tied their wedding vows. Fans considered it to be between 1987 to 1997.

Carmen Larbalestier Husband
Carmen Larbalestier with Her current Husband And Daughter

Carmen Larbalestier Husband Raymond cares for his wife with all of his heart. They have a strong mutual understanding and a feeling of togetherness, which strengthens their relationship. Moreover, the two were also proud fathers and mothers of two gorgeous daughters, Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart. The family resides in their London residence at present.

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