Famous as Tate Dutton in the TV show Yellowstone, Brecken Merrill is one of the youngest actors in Hollywood of his time. Shockingly Merill’s career spans a glorious three years, but he has successfully become a demanding actor in the United States. Today, we will look after Brecken Merrill Net Worth and his earnings and income sources.

Brecken Merill, 14, a native American and a white ethnic teenage boy, was born on the 20th of June 2008. His career recap resumes as he returns to a lead role as Tate Dutton on the TV series Yellowstone. Brecken has appeared alongside Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly. The child actor explains how his sudden roles gained global recognition within a year.

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Brecken Merrill Net Worth
American Child Television Actor Brecken Merrill

How Much Brecken Earns As a Child Actor?

Well, it is obvious that when someone rises to popularity, their living standard and status increase simultaneously. Although Brecken Merrill had just begun his career in Hollywood, people started getting crazy about his upcoming movies or TV shows.

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Brecken Merrill Net Worth has of 2022 is $250K. He recalls his career in early 2018 on the TV show Yellowstone as Tate Dutton and suddenly becoming a limelight star in the industry. However, apart from acting, Merrill is still a young boy and has to spare time for his studies. But it does not mean he could not look after his staggering career, which had just begun.

Brecken Merrill Net Worth
Brecken Merrill Cast on the This is Us TV series.

What is Brecken Merrill Net Worth as of 2022?

Brecken Merrill has shockingly accumulated enough fortune for himself despite his age. After the success of his first TV debut Series Yellowstone, directors suddenly cast him in another TV series; This is the US. Looking at the fans’ craze, it won’t be wrong as he will soon appear in other bigger projects too.

According to the tabloids, the actor takes an hourly salary of $17.5 per hour and a total of $15K-$18K per episode. His income makes him one of the youngest high-paid actors in the television industry. The actor spends money with his father and mother buying houses and smaller luxuries.

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Brecken Merrill Net Worth
Brecken Merrill in Yellowstone

Moreover, he plans to buy a house in Los Angeles when he grows up. Tate Dutton from Yellowstone acted in a total of 40 episodes. Similarly, he showed up as Teen Nicky Jr. in This Is Us. As a beginner, Becker made an impressive start, making him one of Hollywood’s richest actors in the coming years.

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