Braylon Howard is the son of the famous NBA player Dwight Howard. He is the son of Dwight’s former partner Royce Reed. As he is still at a tender age, he is not indulged in any controversies. We dig in to get as much information as possible about his current life in this particular session. From his lifestyle to how lavish it is, we will talk about it all. If he is the new face of the NBA or any other major, it is a considerable concern. His activities suggest he is all set to take the stage of fame like his father.

His relation with his parents always creates headlines. The reason for such buzz is available if you read through. Some sources suggest Braylon might be already earning as a new face in the field. Any signs of him getting into other lines than his father? It is all clear, and we have it all. So, without any further ado, this session clears it all up. Nonetheless, his grandmother might be set to file a lawsuit, but against whom? It is rumored that his grandmother is taking some legal actions.

Quick Facts
Full NameBraylon Joshua Robert Braylon
Birthdate18 November, 2007
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsFather- Dwight Howard
Mother- Royce Reed
Star signScorpio
Height4 feet 9 inch

What Is Braylon Howard Age?

Braylon was born on November 18, 2007. As of now, he is 13 years old. He is still in his tender teenage. Howard Jr. was born in the United States. And his current residence is also in the States. Moreover, he holds American citizenship and is of Black ethnicity.

How Are Braylon Howard Parents Relationship?

Braylon was born to Dwight Howard and Royce Reed. Although the couple is divorced now, they are co-parenting with a cold bond. Dwight and Royce met in 2005 and had Braylon in 2007. After some months, the couple decided to split. Their relationship was so bad that it affected Braylon very much.

So as per the court’s order, in 2015, they agreed to healthy parenting. But, again, Dwight used to pick fights regarding Reed’s extra affairs. Dwight has said it loud and clearly that Reed was cheating on him with Desmon Mason basketball player. Still, the former partners do not have a good bond.

How Is Braylon Relation With His Parents?

Although there was news of Dwight hitting Braylon with a belt, Braylon seemed happy living with him. They keep posting pictures together and go out often. Nonetheless, Dwight did accept beating Braylon with a belt, but it looks like it is not a massive issue with Braylon.

Moreover, Braylon shares a firm bond with his mother. They go out quite often and enjoy it very much. On May 9, 2021, he took it to Instagram to wish his mother was loving words on Mother’s Day. Other than that, there was news that his grandmother Sheryl Howard filed a case against Royce. The reason was not disclosed, but the rumors were denied.

Who Does Braylon Live With?

After the split, Dwight and Royce fought in court for Braylon’s custody. In 2014, Royce sued Dwight for physically abusing Braylon, affecting the custody case. However, the claim was later rejected as there were no solid pieces of evidence. Even Braylon did not talk in this matter and denied it, so they dissolved the case.

So, later on, Dwight got Braylon’s custody. However, Royce violated several court rules and never reached the hearings on time. Hence, she was not granted Braylon’s custody. As a result, Dwight got control. So, Braylon lives with his father, Dwight, now.

Does Braylon Have Siblings?

Braylon does not have siblings from his parents together. However, he has four half-siblings: Trey, David, Jade, and Layla. Unfortunately, the mothers of the kids are not available. But, Braylon does share a beautiful bond with his half-siblings. They enjoy each others’ company and go out together frequently.

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Do Dwight Howard Son Play Basketball Like Him?

Growing up with his father, Braylon did see some insane basketball tricks. However, it’s a shocker that Braylon is not into basketball. He loves soccer and even plays soccer. Braylon is a sports enthusiast and is on his school’s soccer team. He is in sixth grade at Montverde Academy and plays soccer for the school.

Is Braylon Howard Dating?

Yes, it is a shocker, but Braylon is dating now. He has put it up in his Instagram bio that he is taken. He has mentioned Tiffany as his girlfriend’s name. There is no information about his past relationship.

Is Braylon Active On Social Media?

Braylon is very active on social media, with 5.5K followers on Instagram (braylon_howard_official). He keeps posting very often; he has 140 videos on his profile. Braylon is also active on TikTok and posts fun videos.

What Is Braylon Howard Net Worth?

Being a celebrity child, Braylon is living a lavish lifestyle. Talking about his own net worth he is too young to start his professional career. However, his father Dwight Howard has accumulated a huge amount of money, having an estimated net worth of about $140 million.

What Is Braylon Howard Height?

Braylon stands 4 feet 9 inches and will surely grow taller with time. He has a very short afro and brown eyes. He is still a teenager and will outgrow different physical features with time.

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