One of the trending topics about any celebrity is relationships. People all over the world seem to have an interest in their favorite celebrity’s romantic partner. Due to this reason, they keep on searching for the current romantic partner of their favorite celebrity. Similarly, today, we have the opportunity to talk about Ben Azelart’s New Girlfriend.

We will talk about his past love life and reveal who his new girlfriend is in our coverage. Likewise about his relationship and romantic interest in today’s coverage. Let’s go through it.

Chec Out The Life Updates of Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart New Girlfriend
Ben Azelart with his Ex Lexi Via Instagram

However, before learning anything about Ben’s relationships, let us learn about his past and present. Born on the 10th of January 2002 in the United States of America. Ben Azelart Is a popular Youtuber and media phenomenon. He became popular after being featured in popular Youtubers Videos. In addition, he used to make different comedy skits and loved enjoying his time with his friends.

Some of his popular friends are Brent Riviera and his other friends. He is collectively famous as the group Brent and other friends. As of May 2022, he has around 9.96 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now that you know a little bit about him let us learn about his relationship.

Who is Ben Azelart New Girlfriend in 2022?

As for different celebrities, they get in and get out of the relationships pretty often. Sometimes it is due to compatibility issues. Other times they have only been in relationships because of the fame. Nevertheless, for Ben. Rumors about him dating his friend’s sister Started popping up when he uploaded a YouTube video.

The video was titled Dating My Best Friend sister for over 24 hours. The video soon became viral, including the Brent Riviera sister Lexi Rivera. They went to different dating spots where Ben tried his best to make his friend’s sister fall in love with him.

What Is Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart Relationship? Are They Dating?

Ben Azelart New Girlfriend
Ben Azelart with his new girlfriend, Hannah, Via Instagram

After seven days of that video release, Many fans started speculating that the popular couples were dating in real life. The video was uploaded back in 2019, and fans started speculating that they were already dating before the video was even shot. We certainly don’t know if they’ve been together or not. As far as we were concerned, in 2020, Ben Azelart Uploaded a video titled we broke Up, which included Lexi Rivera.

They shared an emotional message that they broke up after dating for over a year in that video. There are also rumors saying that ben is dating Eva Gutowski. As of May 2022, the popular celebrity is in a romantic relationship with Hannah Thomas. They both started dating just after his breakup with the popular celeb’s sister. However, due to his immediate patch up with Hannah, People speculate if his older relationship was Just a joke.

What happened to Ben Girlfriend after a breakup?

Even though we gave you this information related to their breakup through their YouTube video, we certainly don’t know if they have stopped Dating in real life. In several videos on Ben’s YouTube channel, she is still featured as one of his love interests.

He features her in several of his video titlings as Winning her heart back and others. Due to this reason, we media and the fans of his YouTube channel have a hard time guessing about his romantic interest. We feel as if both couples are separated, but they are still together in their heart.

Ben Azelart New Girlfriend
Ben Azelart with his friend Brent Via Instagram

As we have already said, he includes himself in the team of Brent Riviera’s YouTube channel. Brent and Ben have grown their YouTube channel from nothing to around 10 Million Subscribers. They both are really good partners and love to share their bonds. In Brent’s team, other female casts like Lexi and others.

However, it seems that the author cast members of his team are already in a relationship. Due to this, He was later in a romantic relationship with the other team member Hannah Thomas. The couple started dating just after his first breakup in 2020.

Hence we can conclude this particular coverage by saying that they did break up back in 2020. However, they are not separated as of 2023. They still make different videos together and love hanging out as friends. Even though their love never bloomed as the way the fans thought. Ben found himself a strong shoulder that he could rely on. 

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