Candis Cayne and Caitlyn Jenner are famous TV persona. They belong to the trans community and are very popular in Entertainment Industry.

Candis Cayne meets Caitlyn Jenner

Candis Cayne is an American actress and also a performance artist. In 1996, she came out as a trans woman. Candis is well-known for her role as Mistress Carmelita on ABC’s prime-time drama Dirty Sexy Money. Moreover, she is an activist too. Candis has teamed up with many LGBT communities to show her support.

Caitlyn is an American transgender athlete, socialite, activist, and television presenter. She is also a famous athlete as Olympic gold medal winner. Recently, she is well-known for her role in the reality television series I Am Cait. The show focus on the gender transition of Caitlyn and life after the transition as a trans woman. Also, the show focuses on Caitlyn and other trans social activists talking about their transition as trans women.

The show got aired right after Caitlyn announces, she is a trans woman. About Caitlyn and Candis meet up, Caitlyn meets Candis in the same TV series I Am Cait. Candis has appeared in I Am Cait as an activist meeting with Caitlyn Jenner. She came into the series in Season 2, Episode 16.

Caitlyn and Candis Relationship:

Caitlyn and Candis share a very close relationship. However, the relationship they share is not romantic or lovers. But Candis has admitted she finds Caitlyn very close to her, and even Caitlyn has admitted to that. It seems like both of them are close to each other. Caitlyn meets Candis during the episode of I Am Cait. And two of them become close to one another. When asked about them in an interview, Candis says she is an amazing person. Also, Caitlyn has talked about Candis saying She is a beautiful person, but about dating, Absolutely no idea. Caitlyn admits Candis is a great friend to her. 

Caitlyn has kissed Candis passionately in one episode. The kiss was amazing, both of them admitted. Therefore, it shows they were close to each other but not as a romantic partner. However, in an interview, Caitlyn has not ruled out the possibility of it.

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Present Relationship Status

Currently, Caitlyn is single and is not looking for any relationship. However, there were rumors about dating her manager Sophia Hutchins but, it turns out fake. Sophia said she is just a girlfriend to her but not romantically. Speaking about Candis’s relationship status, she is single too. As far we know, she has been single since her last relationship with DJ Marco McDermott.