Age is one of the most important factors in a celebrity’s career; this article discusses the Anirudh Pisharody Age. Since Anirudh Pisharody is a well-known celebrity who just stole the spotlight by portraying the smart and attractive Des in the Never Have I Ever series, fans are curious about his age because he is engaged yet looks very young. As an engaged actor portraying a high school student, his admirers have plenty to say about him.

Before her spouse, the stunning famous director Jill V Dae appears to be getting older. Anirudh Pisharody, after the third season of Never Have I Ever, age has become a hot subject among many fans. Many followers want to know why he has engaged to an older-looking woman and his age.

All You Need To Know About Anirudh Pisharody

Anirudh Pisharody Age
Des “Anirudh” in the set of Never Have I Ever

Anirudh Pisharody Age Exposed!

Anirudh Pisharody, nicknamed “Andy,” has been 28 years old since his birthday in 2022. The entertainer, Indian and American, was born on Feb 2, 1994, in Trichur, Kerala. However, his family later relocated to Texas in, the US. The details of Anirudh’s birth were disclosed on his Facebook profile. He mentioned Texas as his homeland and described his Texas upbringing as “a pretty tranquil Southern upbringing.”

Pisharody afterward moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in 2016. Then he went to the University of California to earn a film, cinema, and video certificate.

Anirudh Pisharody Age
Pisharody as Ravi Panikkar

Early in his career, he appeared in minor bits on episodes of People Magazine Investigates, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Kappa Crypto under the identity of Andy Pisharody. Anirudh played several characters in TV shows like Chicken Girls, Killer Competition, I Met My Murderer Online, SEAL Team, and Last Man Standing before landing his breakout role as Ravi Panikker in the 9-1-1 procedural.

Pisharody and his Fiancée

He is amid the most prosperous phase of his career, and millions of his fans wish to see him once in their lifetime. However, the actor and Jill V. Dae, a fantastic female director, are already engaged. The actor himself recounted his love story via an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day in 2021. There are many rumors that suggest Jill is his wife but that’s not true. Anirudh disclosed that he and his fiancée initially met at a supermarket parking lot and ultimately became romantically involved.

Anirudh Pisharody Age
Jill V Dae and Anirudh Pisharody

Jill and Anirudh are both 28 years old. However, many people think his wife looks much older than he does. The couple doesn’t appear to worry about the rumors because they are madly in love and have immediate plans to wed.

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