Alberta Dornan is a British celebrity child and media personality. She is the youngest daughter of a popular Irish star and Swedish mother. She is the third child after her two siblings. All three children are beautiful daughters of Musician and songwriter mom and dad. As born the latest, in the family of celebrities, the Media is eager to know even slight details about Alberta Dornan.

As of 2022, Alberta Dornan is currently living with her parents. We mentioned the date because Jaime expressed his urgency to go back to film some movies. Similarly, her mother is also a former actress and musician. So, we are guessing her parents will leave their children with their grandparents. Not for long, but just enough time to finish some of their projects. So, who are the grandparents of Alberta? Well, we will take a look at a part of the biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameAlberta Dornan
Date of Birth17th of Feb, 2019
EthnicityIrish and Swedish
Height31.5 to 36 inches
Zodiac SignAquarius
SiblingsSisters :- Dulcie and Elva Dornan
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorBlue
Alberta Dornan
Alberta Dornan with her father Via Crazum

What is the age of Alberta Dornan?

As of 2022, her age is around three years old. In London, England, she was born to a celebrity father, Jaime Dornan, and her musician mother, Amelia Warner. She has two siblings, Dulcie and Elva Dornan. Moreover, her grandparents’ name is Sarah Gwen Bennet and Maura Dornan.

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When is the birthday of the third daughter of Jaime Dornan and Maura Dornan?

Every year Alberta Dornan celebrates her birthday on the 17th of Feb. She was born on the year 2019. The celebrity kid is well known as the third daughter of her celebrity parents. Among her all siblings, she is the youngest one. Alberta is just three years old as of 2022, and her siblings are of age 7 and 4 each.

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Do Her parents homeschool Alberta?

She is often seen going to her school. Alberta always arrives at school with her dad around 9 – 10 am. Even though both parents are very fortunate to have fame and wealth, they think that the overall development of mind and social skills is necessary. Therefore, it is better to admit their daughters to nearby private schools. Even though we know that she is studying in a school, details about her schools are made private.

Alberta Dornan
Alberta Dornan childhood picture Via Hollywood Zam

Will Alberta Dornan and others become as successful as her mother Amelia Warner and her father Jaime Dornan?

At the age of 2, it is really hard to even think about a child’s future. We want our children to stay away from the traps of Media as long as we can. It harms their overall mental growth by attacking different unwanted questions and opinions. As for Alberta being successful like her mother and father, This is a future debate. Her mother, Amelia, and her father, Jaime, are working very hard to give the best life to their children. Will they ever overpass their parents? Well, we hope they do.

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Who are Maura Dornan and Sarah Gwen Bennet to Alberta Dornan?

Maura Dornan and Sarah Gwen Bennet are the grandparents of Alberta Dornan. In several interviews, her father, Jaime, revealed how much Alberta loves her grandparents. She often visits her grandparents on her holidays and loves spending time around them. Moreover, all the other siblings are always cooking something to surprise their grandparents on the visit.

Alberta Dornan
Alberta Dornan with her father in park Via Twitter

On the other hand, the details about her grandparents are not made public. Jaime seems to have kept the details about his parents secret to preserve some privacy. Nevertheless, Maura Dornan is a successful business holder, and Satah Gwen Bennet is a regular housewife. They both are the parents of Jaime Dornan and grandparents of Alberta Dornan.

Where can you see the pictures of Alberta Dornan with her parents?

She is just three as of 2022. So, we don’t think she has any social media accounts. However, if you want to get a glimpse of her, you can follow their parent’s social media. Their parents often share about their children and their lifestyles. And if you were lucky, you might be able to spot our little butterfly, Alberta Dornan.

What is the net worth of Alberta Dornan?

At the age of 3 years old, She is not earning anything financially. However, Alberta has a bright future ahead of her. If she grows up to be a hard-working female individual, She will make a good fortune out of herself. However, at the moment, all she is earning is the love of her parents and siblings.

What is the height of Alberta Dornan?

Her height is around 31.5 to 36 inches. However, since she is always on her father’s lap and trolly, it is hard to say exactly her height. So, the numbers come around 36 only. Her facial structure is very beautiful, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Moreover, her zodaic sign is Aquarius.

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