Handsome, Tall, Talented, and on top of that a Black Belt Martial Artist as well as an Actor. Alain Moussi has topped all of the qualities to be the most demanded and finest man alive. Fans become crazy whenever he stepped to the award functions. He has played a role double in popular movies like Batman, X-Men Apocalypse, and Warcraft. However, keeping aside all of his career achievements, let’s read about Alain Moussi Height and His Fitness secrets today.

Alain, 41, is a native of Libreville Gabon. He was born to his Lebanese father, Jean Moussi, and mother Rita Moussi on the 29th of March 1981. Likewise, he shares a healthy and strong brotherly bond with his brother and sister. Growing up, Alain learned and mastered his Martial Arts Training from a Japanese Coach. He further joined Entertainment Industry as a Stuntman working as a role double.

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Alain Moussi Height
Pic: Canadian-Gabonese Black Belt Champ, Alain Moussi Via. Instagram

However, his potential and skills were never wasted. He finally became a lead hero in the film ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’, the sequel movie of ‘Kickboxer’ in 1989. Moreover, he is a star in Kickboxer. The makes made Alain as lead hero which eventually landed him enormous fame and love from the fans globally. Currently, he has a separate-delightful life with his Wife Janie Moussi and daughter Annabelle Moussi.

How Tall Is Alain?

Alain Moussi is a gifted personality when it comes to hard work and pushing his limits to the extreme. His six-pack abs, decent body, and gentlemanly behaviour have won the hearts of every person he ever worked with. He holds a Black Belt in Martial Arts but also a brand image for numerous fitness companies.

Alain Moussi Height
Pic: Alain Moussi Surfing and Exploring Adventure Via. Instagram

Alain Moussi height is 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters. He has an Ectomorph body type having a weight of 92 kilograms. The reason behind his fitness and healthiness is his regular hard training. Alain is a 41-years old Macho having a fixed diet plan and fitness routine. Together with his wife Janie Moussi, the actor often visits Gym near his home in Orleans, Ontario, Canada.

Alain Moussi Has a Muscular Body!

Alain Moussi has been blessed with a muscular body. His chest size is 44 inches, waist 34, and biceps 17 inches. Alain’s physique clearly defines his masculinity by appearance. The actor is a black hairy man with Deep Ocean Eyes. He often became friends with anyone because of his social skills and charming nature. Furthermore, his full body measurement is still unknown it will be updated as soon as possible.

Alain Moussi Height
Pic: Alain Moussi Loves Spending Time with his Daughter Annabelle Moussi Via. Instagram

However, the man martial arts black belt champion sees himself as more thrill driven and adventurous. He spends most of his time participating in different Martial Arts competitions, boxing, and stunts. Alain also taught his daughter Annabelle martial arts and wants her to be self capable to protect herself.

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