Zeinab Badawi is a popular news anchor and celebrity on BBC News. She is famous for her works in different scenarios and worked for Channel 4 News before becoming a part of the BBC News family. She is renowned for her opinions and is also awarded Sir Brian Urquhart Award for her excellence in anchoring and other journalism work. 

Even though you might guys know her from her association with celebrities and also for her journalism work. Today we are covering not only her career but also regarding different aspects of her life. From our biography, you will learn more about her career, relationship, and other known details. 

Quick Facts
NameZeinab Badawi
Age63yrs old
Date of BirthOctober 1959
Place of BirthSudan, SA
EthnicitySouth African
FatherMohammed-Khair El Badawi
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Height5 feet and nine inches
Weight55 kilograms
Net Worth$5 million
Zeinab Badawi
Zeinab Badawi in BBC Global Question Via Instagram

Who is Zeinab Badawi?

She is a famous Sudanese British television persona and journalist. Zeinab Badawi was born on October 1959 in Sudan. As of 2022, she is running at the age of 62. Even though we know about her birth month and year, we could not specify any details regarding her birth date. She belongs to a House of Muslim family, so her religion is also Muslim. She has not shared any details regarding her mother, but we know her father’s name is Mohammed-Khair El-Badawi. 

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Where did Zeinab receive her education?

She has surrounded herself with a prestigious degree from the universities like SOAS London. Before that, she graduated from Hornsey School for Girls and attended St Hilda College for her primary and secondary education. She’s also a graduate of famous universities like Oxford and London. She is a few of those personalities who know what they are speaking about in front of a camera. 

Are Trevor Noah and Zeinab Badawi relafted?

Trevor Noah is from an African background, so when there was a little controversial statement regarding Trevor. Zeinab Badawi came forward with her explanation and supported the statement of another famous comedian from South Africa. She covered the issues related to Trevor Noah under the BBC history of Africa telecast. She showed how much she cares about her ethnicity and loves her people. 

Zeinab Badawi
Zeinab Badawi in Ukraine Via Instagram

When did Zeinab Badawi start working for BBC?

Zeinab is an Excellent presenter and knows how to present any information well. Are working days go back to 1982 when she started her journalism journey from Yorkshire TV. After that, she attended Channel 4 News to serve as a Co-presenter. After working there for a few years, he decided she had to move on, so she joined BBC Channel officially in 1998. 

Is Zeinab Badawi Married?

Even though we searched different articles on the Internet to learn more about her husband, we were handed nothingness. From what we know, it seems that she was married before but is now divorced and is actively working as a single mother. She has never shared any details regarding her past life, and it seems we also like to keep it that way.

From what we know, it seems that her husband was a bad individual that she met back in time. Even though they split after living together as a husband and wife, they shared two sons and two daughters, even after being away from her husband for quite a while. She is taking care of her children like a proud mom. 

Does Zeinab have her own Social Media Account?

When we were trying to learn more about the topic she used to cover on BBC and another news channel, we had to go through her Twitter account to learn more about that. So yes, she uses different social media platforms to promote more about herself and her voice. If you want to know about her life, you can follow her on Instagram, or if you want to know about her opinions, you can follow her on Twitter. 

Zeinab Badawi
Zeinab Badawi Via Instagram

What is Zeinab Badawi Net Worth?

Even though she is a famous British journalist, she has never shared any particular details regarding her matters. Similarly, she has not shared any details regarding her Salary or anything regarding that matter. However, while reviewing some articles regarding her life, we learned that her current net worth would be around $5 million if she publicly showed it. She is an intelligent worker, but you can see her working actively for each penny. 

What is Zeinab Badawi Height?

Specifically, it seems that her height is around 5 feet and nine inches, along with her body weight being about 55 kilograms at the moment. She has that typical South African facial structure with dark brown hair and eyes. As of now, she’s doing fine, and you can see her acting on the BBC News channel. Finally, Zeinab’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

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