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Sherrie Swafford is a yoga instructor as well as an esthetician. Swafford is also a former girlfriend of famous singer and songwriter Steve Perry. In the ’80s, Sherrie and Steve were hot couples. After that, in 1984, Steve wrote a song for her named Oh Sherrie. It was among Steve’s single hit.

But, the loving and hot couple’s relationship did not last long. Eventually, they broke up, and ever since, Sherrie is very private about her life. Now, further, let’s go into Sherrie Swafford net worth.

Sherrie Swafford’s Net Worth

About Sherrie Swafford net worth, no information has arisen. However, her former boyfriend Steve Perry has millions from his career as a singer and songwriter. Moreover, we can only assume her total net worth. After her breakup, she kept a low profile on her life. Maybe because of all the attention she got while she was dating Steve.

Her career as a yoga instructor can make up to $40K a year and an esthetician $45K. So we can assume her yearly income was around $100K. If we have to guess how much she saved. It is safe to say, Sherrie’s net worth is estimated to be $200K-$400K. However, her ex Steve net worth as of 2021 is $60 Million. Steve is very popular in his times and made fortune wealth from singing and writing songs.

Way To Success

Speaking of his success and wealth, his first album ‘Street Talk‘ had more than 2 million unit sales. It also included Oh Sherrie. Presumably, we can say while Sherrie was in a relationship. (Xanax) The couple had the best time of their life. Steve has given many interviews, where he has praised his love for Sherrie.

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Where is Sherrie Swafford Today?

Currently, Sherrie Swafford is no more in this world. She died in December 2004. One can say she has her way of living life. In her lifetime, she never married, neither did she had another relationship after Steve. She loved to take care of plants, animals, travel, and bond with friends. Once in an interview, she said, ‘What Steve and I had was purely love, and nothing else.