Connie Koepko is a former wife of an American actor and most recognized artist in country music, Willie Nelson. All the popularity and fame Connie has are all due to her relationship with Willie Nelson.

So without any further delay let’s find out all the details we gathered related to Willie Nelson and Connie Koepko Marriage.

How The Couple met?

Willie and Connie met in a place Cut and shoot located in Texas. At that time Willie was already committed to a marital relationship with Shirley Collie, also an American country singer and guitarist. The meeting results from an intimate relationship that made Connie pregnant. Later on, she gave birth to a baby girl named Paula Carlene Nelson on 27th October, Texas.

The two kept on continuing their affair until Shirley find out. She found a hospital bill registered in the name of Willie Nelson. It’s the point where Shirley finds out about the affair between Willie and Connie and filed for divorce with Willie in 1971.

Willie and Connie Koepko: Marriage and Divorce

After the divorce between Willie and Shirley. Willie moved ahead and married Connie Koepko in the same year, Willie and Shirley separated. The affair relationship now turned into a marital relationship. Soon they blessed with another daughter named Amy Lee Nelson.

However, the relationship between Willie and Collie also did not last for so long. Hence, the third Marriage of Willie with Connie ended in 1988 after staying 17 years together. This time also the reason behind their divorce is Willie’s other Affair story with makeup artist Annie Marie D’Angelo. This news came out in the public when Willie Nelson himself accepted his extra-marital affair with Annie in an Interview.

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Where are Willie Nelson and Connie Koepko now?

Although the past couple did not open up their past relationship and more reason for their split. Connie Koepko went to live her life somewhere after their divorce. However, there is no information regarding that but in another hand, Willie got engaged with Annie D’ Angelo and still continuing with her.