One American series that we know we won’t forget is Game of Thrones. The series made the American media famous, but it also made the famous stars work. Since we had already covered different stars working in that particular series, we have yet another one. Wilf Scolding Is a well Stevie actor and drama artist popularly known for his features. His well-known features are Game of Thrones, The One, Martin’s Close, and Bee make honey. Like another popular actor, he is well known for his diverse acting styles.

Even though he is well known for his work in Game of Thrones. He became the eye of the media for a long time after working on one television series in 2021. Due to his appearance on that particular television, many fans wanted to know more about the popular actor. However, since his discography is not that great on the Internet, people find it a hard time to learn more about the actor. Hence, we have collected every information Which is available about him through the Internet. So let us Scroll down as we look at his life through his biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameWilf Scolding
Date of Birth25th of April 1990
BirthplaceWales, United Kingdom
RelationshipKatie Clarkson Hill
Net worth900K
Height6 feet and 3 inches
Zodiac SignTaurus
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorDark Brown
Wilf Scolding
Wilf Scolding Via IMDb

What is Wilf Scolding Age?

As of May 2022, he just turned out to be 32 years old. Wilf Scolding was born on the 25th of April 1990 in Wales, United Kingdom. Since he was born in the United Kingdom and Wales, His nationality is Welsh, and his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Even though he is a popular public star in the United Kingdom. It seems that the popular actor is quite uncomfortable sharing his private life. Due to this reason, he has not revealed any details about his parents and siblings.

Where did Wilf receive his education?

Primarily, it seems that he studied his primary and secondary education at his local nearby schools and colleges. Wilf always showed his passion for acting From a young age. This led to him studying in a theatre school.

He added this information in an interview but has never revealed the name of the theatre school. As far as we are concerned, he studied in London’s Theatre school for his appointment of acting skills. These are the only information he has, and others are kept private.

What was the act of Rhaegar Targaryen Wilf Scolding in Game of Thrones?

Rhaegar Targaryen Is the character played by Wilf scolding back in 2017. The character was one of the major culprits in the Game of Thrones television series. He had the opportunity to work as the character In the Episode, the Dragon and the wolf.

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Even though he featured in only one episode, the audience greatly appreciated his acting. He earned quite a lot of fame after working in their particular television series. Due to that reason, he also went on to work in video games like the Battlefield 5, The Archers, and Acot. The Archers were more of a podcast series that he got involved in. 

Wilf Scolding
Wilf Scolding with his co-Star in Game of Thrones Via IMDb

Is Wilf Scolding gay?

When is a certain celebrity not involved in a relationship for a long time? The media started to speculate that they might be gay or not interested in relationships. However, the detail about him being gay is controversial. It is because he has done several Bi-Sexual movies and television series.

However, he is already in a romantic relationship with someone. He is currently dating an English actor Katie Clarkson Hill. Even though we certainly don’t know about their dating life. It seems that they have been dating for over three years now. Even though we know about this particular detail, we certainly don’t know if they will get married this year.

Does Wilf have his own Instagram account?

Of course, he has his own Instagram account. It is because, just like any other celebrity, he also loves to interact with his fans through social media. He also loves to promote himself and his upcoming projects through Instagram.

Through his Instagram feed, you can see many pictures of himself and his daily lifestyle. So if you are someone who likes to take a closer look at a celebrity’s life. We suggest you follow his Instagram by searching his name on Google. Or, if you want to follow him directly, you can always follow him under the username @wilfscolding.

Wilf Scolding
Wilf Scolding with his co-Star in Bees Make Honey Via IMDb

How Much is Wilf Scolding Net Worth?

Even though he is not one of the highest-paid actors, he still makes a decent income. One of the reasons his net worth is less than others is his careful choice of projects. He seems to only work on those projects that positively impact his image.

Even though he works on fewer projects, he has been able to land a huge role in them. However, if we have to put it down in numbers, his net worth might be around 900K as of 2022. He is just a hundred Thousand, far from being a millionaire.

What is Wilf Scolding Height?

He shares a typical British body structure with a height of six feet and three inches. As far as his facial structure is concerned, he has brown hair and dark brown eyes. We learned that his current body weight is around 78 kg through media sources. As of May 2022, he doesn’t have any health complications in his living his life healthily. Finally, his Zodiac sign is Taurus. 

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