Malika Kinison was a former wife of late comedian superstar Sam Kinison. Her relationship story still makes many imagine their Love life to heartbreak life.

You may think what exactly am I trying to say about Love life to heartbreak life? Well, to know the answer you must read the whole story behind this Who is Malika Kinison (Souiri) Married To?

Malika Kinison and her First Husband Sam Kinison

Malika Kinison was just an American actress who came to the public spotlight by partnering with late comedian Sam Kinison. Sam was her first marriage. We will surely talk about this one too later. But at first, read about her first marriage’s heart whelming story.

So, both of them came closer after Sam separated from his former wife Terry Marze. The casual meet-up changes to dating and dating finally change to Marriage.

Yes, after several times passed out dating each other facing so many ups and downs the two exchanged their wedding vows in April 1992. The marriage ceremony was held in Las Vegas. Hence, soon after the marriage, the couple took the flight to Hawaii for Honeymoon.

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Loosing her beloved Husband

The newly married couple were enjoying their time in Hawaii until that black day. After romantically celebrated their 6 days of marital life, Sam has to return to Nevada. As there was an event of Comedy show of Sam Kinison.

Now, that was the black day for the newly married couple, as mentioned earlier. On the way back to Nevada, both Sam and Malika were in the same car and suddenly the car met a dangerous accident.

The accident was that huge, which took 38 years old Sam with himself. He was been unable to win against death as he was seriously injured. Similarly, Malika too had been critically injured but has doctors who saved her life.

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Second Marriage

Malika Kinison faced so many hard times in her life. She went from a deep Love life to a heartbreak life. However, her bad times ended when she joined the hands of a Gentlemen.

Malika Kinison has currently married to a popular actor and producer of America Paul Borghese. The actor and producer whose portfolio includes the hits, “The Family- 2013” and “Back in the Day-2016”.