Many Power Rangers fans desire to know who Fiona Vroom Husband is. She played the Yellow Ranger of the Cenozoic era and a Fenix Saleswoman in the Power Rangers movie (2017). Since Fiona has been acting professionally for more than ten years, you may recognize her from well-known Netflix series like “Altered Carbon,” where she portrayed Sandy Kim. Fiona primarily works in front of the camera, though she has also been successful in production.

She has portrayed a variety of challenging parts in her film appearances since she is a diversified and unique performer. She does, however, have a page on IMDb even though she doesn’t presently have one on Wikipedia. Canadian author, actor, and screenwriter Fiona is very popular. Like Power Rangers, she is highly recognized for a wide range of well-liked television programs and movies. For admirers, the subject of a celebrity’s partner is one of the things that never really goes away. We’ll discuss the off-screen Yellow Ranger’s partner today.

Fiona Vroom Husband
Vroom in the set of “Altered Carbon” as Sandy Kim

Is Tamara Taylor and Vroom dating?

In the well-liked “Altered Carbon” Netflix series, Fiona portrayed Sandy Kim. In this series, she collaborated with Oumou Prescott aka Tamara Taylor, who gave her access to useful information. It’s claimed that these two well-known actors are dating.

Fiona Vroom is somebody who values privacy greatly. She rarely engages in conversation with others or divulges private information. Because of this, we are unable to determine whether she is with Taylor and whether she has a family of her own.

Fiona Vroom Husband
Tamara Taylor and Fiona Vroom in the set

Numerous red-carpet appearances gave viewers the impression that they may be dating. There have been rumors that Taylor and Vroom are dating, but there is no concrete evidence to support those claims. These two outstanding actors don’t have a love relationship outside of the workplace. On and off the screen, their relationship is strictly professional.

Fiona Vroom Husband Exposed

Given that she is still single at the age of about 39, some audiences may be judgmental. Whereas, many viewers respect her preference for a simple, modest lifestyle. Nevertheless, she has acknowledged in a number of interviews that she prefers being single. She’s stated that she’s still searching for the proper person and would therefore hold out till the right time. Therefore, as of 2022, she is single and ready to date.

Fiona Vroom Husband
Career-focused Fiona

She is single and very career-oriented. Her relationship status hasn’t been publicly disclosed yet. She enjoys keeping her romantic relationships and partner private. When she is among the media, she manages to avoid questions regarding her romantic life.

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