Thousands of British audiences want to know if Raquel Cassidy is Douglas Reith Partner. Douglas Reith, a British actor famous for playing Lord Merton in the hit television series Downton Abbey, has a huge crush on stunning English actress Raquel Cassidy. He is a British-born actor who gained notoriety for his parts in Downton Abbey (2010), where he co-played with Cassidy. His most recent performance in the sci-fi television program Outlander began attracting more attention from the viewers, and this is still a very big question to many viewers.

Douglas was given the opportunity to make appearances in various well-known TV programs where he has worked with co-actress and stars like Lesley Nicol, and Penelope Wilton, except for Raquel Cassidy. However, even other stars except Cassidy are also rumored to be Douglas Reith Partner. He has spent over forty years working in the British entertainment industry and never disclosed who he was dating. Read the following article to learn about Douglas Reith Partner.

All You Need To Know About Douglas Reith

Douglas Reith Partner
Raquel Cassidy, Lesley Nicol, Phyllis Logan with Douglas Reith in Los Angeles, California (Source:alamy)

Who is Douglas Reith Partner?

Douglas is a man who values privacy and secrecy. He hardly ever talks to people or divulges private information. As a result, we don’t have enough information to determine whether Douglas has a wife and a family of his own or not.

Regarding Reith’s relationship and marriage, there are many rumors. Fans think the Outlander actor is secret from his wife and is the father of their kids. But due to undisclosed facts and proof, we cannot verify this story.

Douglas Reith Partner
Reith and Cassidy on the red carpet

Raquel Cassidy, Douglas’ co-star, also appeared on the red carpet and at other significant events. We can believe that they make a wonderful team. We must assume that Douglas is not together as of 2021 because this is yet another rumor which needs clarifications from Reith and Cassidy.

Brianna and Professor Reith in Outlander

Douglas Reith served as a professor in “Outlander” Season 3 Episode 5 even though Brianna, a female character, is distracted by her. He seems to have no relationship with anyone in the series. Nevertheless, he did a fantastic job expounding on how history’s often created in the series. However, many female audiences seem to like his American accent.

Douglas Reith Partner
Reith plays the role of a professor in the series Outlander (Source: The self)

When the media questions him about his private life, Douglas Reith remains silent. We cannot see his previous associations with anyone to date. He might still be available for dating.

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