Annette has grabbed the spotlight recently with her work in many movies and TV Series in 2022. She has done a very fantastic job in movies and TV Shows recently, like Mercy, Midsomer Murders, and Night of the broken etc. Except for these, she has worked with many famous personalities and in many top shows. Because of these reasons, people really want to know who Annette Badland husband is.

Annette Badland is rumored to be dating John Hannam, a famous journalist. This journalist claimed that he waited for 37 whole years for this interview. After he got to interview Annette, their pictures went viral. Since then, they have been surrounded by many controversies that these two were seeing each other. Audiences really want to know about Annette’s love life. Stick to this article to know more about who Annette’s partner is.

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Annette Badland Husband
Annette, an American actress

Are Rumors about Annette and John True?

Annette was widely fell for to be dating John Hannam after attending his interview. But this news about their dating is just rumors and not true. John and Annette have been good friends until then. Annette once mentioned in an interview that she had a really good time in the interview she once had with John.

Annette Badland Husband
John and Annette

On the other hand, John was very happy about the interview since he had waited for it for 37 years. He was really grateful for the time she set aside for the interview. In 2018, backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, he met Annette. Despite being good friends, they do not have any relationship. They both have their own lives and partner.

Who is Annette Badland Husband?

Annette is a happily married woman. She tied the knot with David Hatton. He is a 79-year-old actor from London who is famous for the movies like The Knock, The Pirates of Penzance, etc. How and when this couple met is still a mystery to the internet. But it looks like they have been with each other for a long time. The couple doesn’t have kids.

Annette Badland Husband
David and Annette

They are still living their honeymoon life. They are happy with each other, traveling around, and enjoying their late 70s. Reports say this couple has a net worth of around 20 million USD. They live a lavish life away from all the controversies and media attention. They’re enjoying themselves more than at any other time.

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