An actor like Angus Imrie does not need the media to tell his story of acting talent and versatile capabilities. After all, he’s the one who played Josh Archer in The Archers, Henry Lane in We Hunt Together, Zero in Star Trek: Prodigy, Young Merlin in The Kid Who Would Be King, and Scott Millington in Kingdom. However, today’s article is all about Angus Imrie Wife and his personal life.

Angus William Jake Imrie, 28, was born on the 2nd of August 1994, to Benjamin Whitrow and Celia Imrie in the Isle of Wight, England. His early childhood was spent very well under the care, love, and luxury arranged by his parents. The British National completed his education at an independent boarding school, Dulwich College.

All You Want To Know About Angus Imrie

Angus Imrie Wife
British Actor and Model Angus Imrie Via.Gettyimages

Furthermore, in the strong spirit of achieving global stardom, Angus Imrie moved to London. He then met the industry’s greatest professionals, who shaped his skills through stage roles. Finally, the actor made his debut as Scott Millington in the TV series Kingdom, which aired from 2007–2009. Currently, Angus has worked on more than 20+ movies and TV shows.

Insights on Angus Imrie Wife and Married Life

Angus Imrie is not an actor or celebrity who likes to interact with his fans daily. Instead, he prefers to live and maintain a separate, peaceful life, keeping his distance from social media and gossip. It is unbelievable, but the actor barely attends any parties or awards functions either.

Now coming to his secret love life, Angus Imrie has found his soulmate, whom he has called his wife. According to online polls, he married a very gorgeous woman but denied exposing her name or any identity. Back in 2018, Imrie welcomed his first child, but the gender is still not disclosed.

Angus Imrie Wife
Angus Imrie and Rhianna Dorris at the Family Gala Screening of The Kid Who Would Be King

Moreover, Angus also arranged a competition where he found encouraging children in Oxfordshire during the lockdown situation in 2021. Imrie lives an extremely secretive life, keeping himself and his family out of the media’s reach. At present, the actor resides in a beautiful mansion in Oxford. 

Angus Imrie’s Parents Were Never Married!

As we all know, Angus Imrie is only a child of his father Benjamin Whitrow, and mother Celia Imrie. But shockingly, his parents never had a promising married life. The couple has a romantic connection with a romantic thread which made them agree to remain close friends till the end of their life.

Based on facts and sources, Angus’s mother wished for a child with actor Benjamin. However, Benjamin denied it at first but later made a deal with Celia to raise the child alone. As a result, Angus was conceived in 1994. Even though the pair had a deal not to get married but to stay as friends, the couple played their role as perfect parents.

Angus Imrie Wife
Angus Imrie With His Mother Celia Imrie

After the death of Benjamin at 80, Angus’s mother, Celia considered a massive loss to her life. She immediately decided not to marry anyone for the rest of her life. Also, she has a son who valued her and loves her with everything in his life.

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