A well-known professional Journalist, Kelly Cobiella is currently connected with the NBC news channel as a full-time news reporter. Having a great long history in Journalism, she has earned a lot of audience heart and trust from reporting and news writing skills.

Taking off her career flight from ABC and CBS news to reaching NBC, she faced a lot of struggle, earned knowledge, and exposed to a new face of Journalism. Being a Journalist she has collected a hefty amount from her career. Stay on this page and continue reading to know Kelly Cobiella Net Worth in 2021.

Kelly Cobiella Net Worth

Consistency to passion leads a person to success. Kelly Cobiella’s career has a similar case with it as Kelly’s Net worth has been estimated to be around $1 Million as of 2021.

Kelly Cobiella was a weather News correspondent at her early career stage. Continuing the news reporting sequence, she joined CBS for the same post. Kelly gave her honest service to CBS for straight eight years being a news reporter in Dallas, New York.

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Working with CBS her lifestyle started changing as she got a little popularity in General Public. As a result, her passion for work did not leave her out of fame and money. She is living a decent life with her husband in America nowadays.

Earning from NBC News

Kelly Cobiella earns around $42,235 to $137,261 as a per year salary from NBC. However, this data is not fixed as she may have higher payroll because she is one of the talented and experienced news correspondents of NBC.

After serving two consecutive years in ABC News, working as a reporter she shifted to London. The place where she joined NBC as a Full-time News reporter. She joined NBC after 2013 and still continuing on that. It’s been nearly six years in a row working as a reporter in NBC.

Similarly, her news reporting coverages include British Royal Family, Wikileaks, and breaking news events. As a result, being loyal and honest with NBC, she collected a decent fortune from her Journalism career.

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