Besides being the wife of TV personality and real estate investor Scott Yancey, Amie Yancey has an acclaimed career as an interior designer herself. With TV screen time through the reality show Flipping Vegas, Amie showcased her potential in the real estate business. Working for her husband’s company Goliath Company, she pours her designing beauty into the to-be flipped run-down properties aiding in profit gain.

Sure their hard work resulted in success, and often the display of luxury is an eye-catch on the social media of the couple. So, what’s the net worth of Amie Yancey in 2021? First, let’s dig further into her career journey and earnings.

All You Need To Know About the Lifestyle of Amie Yancey

Net Worth and Earnings Of Amie Yancey

History is witness that hard work could rise one from rags to riches! Seems the same incident followed Amie Yancey and her husband Scott, who nearly quit real estate after the 2007 market crash. However, it changed after Scott came up with new flipping properties and presented them as a reality show.

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Amie Yancey has an estimated net worth of $20 million in 2021. The figure stands the same for the fortune of her husband (i.e., $20 million). Back in 2014, each of them was worth $5 million.

Born and raised on a ranch in Canada, Yancey pursued a career as an interior designer in 2003. Currently, she works for Goliath Company. Her husband, Scott Yancey, found a real estate brokerage and investment firm in 2008.

For sure, there are lots of risks in real estate, but that makes it worthy of satisfactory profit. No wonder Amie’s husband would give it a shot their enhance business in doubles- real estate plus reality series.

From 2011 to 2014, she appeared in the A&E renovation reality series Flipping Vegas for 5 seasons. Amie and Scott would buy and fixed the houses on a low budget and flip them through their agents. In addition to the self-investment, the Yanceys would take home a notable sum working for their clients.

The notable deal was in an unfinished 12,000 square-foot mansion in MacDonald Highlands of local real estate investor Andrew Cartwright. Already with a $2 million investment, it required an additional $1 million for completion but remained vacant for years. Yancey’s crew then worked on a $1.3 million renovation, and eventually, the mansion saw $4 million in sales.

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Author of Books and Property Ownership

Everyone who watched Flipping Vegas is aware that Amie Yancey never leaves work halfway despite its cost for renovation. Indeed, this fact showcased tension between her and her husband since her expenses exceeded Scott’s renovation budget. But in the end, things go well.

Aside from being in real estate, the duo penned books about the business as well. They are authors of the books; Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits and Go Time: How to Make Insane Money from Today’s Real Estate Market.

Since moving to Vegas in 2004, following 4 years of marriage to Scott (in 2000), Amie reportedly sold over 700 houses as a real estate agent. But, amid these buy-sell processes, what strived her the most is the dream house of her own.

In Season 5 end, in September 2014, Scott took Amie to a large desert property and told her to build her dream house with a budget of $4 million. However, it was on the condition that she wouldn’t involve in his future house flips, to which she agreed.

An avid love of bikes, Amie reportedly has owned 8 motorcycles and rides a Porsche like her husband. She owns horses as well.

Charity Works

While earning money showers from their decades-long real estate business, they share a generous heart as well. The couple involves in charities and notably started the Ride to Recovery charity events. Moreover, in an episode of Flipping Vegas, they donated a home to homeless veterans.

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