Ever wondered what was Albert Ezerzer age? In today’s coverage, we will talk about his age and where he was born? Unfortunately, very little information is available regarding his birthplace and birth date. Before his death, the late transportation worker was not that famous on the Internet.

Due to this reason, the Internet doesn’t know any details about him and his family. Even though we tried to cover up everything about his biography, There are still tons of information not available on the Internet about him.

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Albert Ezerzer Age
Albert Ezerzer production television series Via IMDb

However, before moving forward, let us learn about his past. As of now, the popular transportation agent is not with us and is living peacefully in heaven. The worker passed away on the 18th of April 2014 after going through a severe Aortic aneurysm rupture.

The transportation worker was a popular production team member of suits television series. Nevertheless, the entire television channel came together to host a funeral for him. They loved him so much that they even dedicated an entire episode to his name. Now that may know a little bit about him. First, let us learn about his birth date.

How Did Albert Ezerzer Begin His Career? What Is His Role In SUITS?

When was Albert’s birthday?

As some of you don’t know,  Albert Ezerzer was born in the USA on the 31st of January, 1959. Even though different sources reveal that his hometown was Los Angeles, the detail is yet to confirm by Albert himself.

Furthermore, He was an African American married male born to a decent family. He was in a marital relationship with an African American woman and even had two kids. However, the details about his wife and his kids have been kept private to maintain their privacy.

Albert Ezerzer Age
Suits director tweeted in Albert Ezerzer’s death.

All the information on him today is from an anonymous interview with their family. Since the family went through a lot when they lost their guardian. The channel owners have decided not to reveal the details about his family to keep them safe. However, we feel like the information regarding him is enough to learn more about his late life. For more information, you can always search his name on our page. 

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What was the actual Albert Ezerzer age before his death?

Since the popular transportation agent was not that much popular on the Internet before his death, the details about his personal life are often blurry on the Internet. The main reason behind this issue is the wrong information in the different articles on the Internet. Unlike the other sources, We went through his family interview to learn about himself. The transportation agent was around the age of 55 years when he passed away.

Albert Ezerzer Age
Albert Ezerzer’s dedicated Episode Via IMDb

When asked in an interview, his family revealed that he already had a heart problem but didn’t show any fatal signs. However, the heart problem later took his life due to a heavy workload. He died due to rupturing of the main Aortic valve in his heart after the passing of the transportation worker Albert. His family, as well as the crew members, were greatly saddened by this incident.

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