Trent Luckinbill is a hard-working American Producer and media celebrity. We call him hard-working because he is not that famous in the media. He is famous for his work in different movies and television series of the USA’s top broadcasting networks. Trent is also the identical twin of a popular American actor. His work is not as recognized as his brother’s, but he is working hard to succeed.

His popular movies include crime and drama concepts related to real-life based stories. However, as of now, he has only produced only 20+ movies since 2014. So, how is he so related to his brother? What are the movies that he has produced? If he is a producer, then what are his sources of earnings? Moreover, how much does he earn? Well, we will answer all of these questions as we scroll down, looking at the life of Trent Luckinbill as a part of his biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameTrent Luckinbill
Date of Birth24th of April in 1975
BirthplaceEnid, Oklahoma, US
RelationshipMarried to Cynda Ottway
Net worth$5 Million
Height6 feet
Zodiac SignNone
SiblingsThad Luckinbill
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorLight grey
Trent Luckinbill
Trent Luckinbill and his brother Via Primetime

What is the date of birth of Trent Luckinbill?

Trent Luckinbill was born on the 24th of April in 1975 in Enid, Oklahoma, USA. Since he was born in America, he holds an American citizenship card, and he is of Caucasian ethnicity. He was the other identical twin of his brother Thad Luckinbill. Trent is a catholic religious man, and hence he followed Christianity from his whole heart.

Who are Trent Luckinbill’s parents?

Trent is the identical twin child of Dennis Luckinbill and Anne Sue Luckinbill. His parents are told to be successful businesspeople. Though we don’t know anything about the business ventures of his parents, we think they are pretty successful at it. Trent also seems to be more into a legal career than his production one. On his brother’s wiki page, it is mentioned that Trent is a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Are Trent and Thad Luckinbill Fraternal twins?

Thad and Trent are identical twins born in 1975. Everyone seems to know Tha in the media because of his largely on-screen presence. However, Trent is more in the telefilms and series production department. Trent Luckinbill has worked on numerous projects produced by Trent. Even recently, the project Reptile features both of the brothers. Thad is responsible for acting, and Trent plays his role as a producer.

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Did He study for being an attorney?

If we are to talk from the beginning, Trent studied his primary and high school studies in his local schools. After that, Trent and Thad Studied together for a long time before separating for their higher studies. Though people usually go out for their right education, Trent stayed and studied at the University of Oklahoma for his extensive legal degree. His degree allowed him to become one of the most famous lawyers in Los Angeles.

Trent Luckinbill
Trent Luckinbill holding an Alumni Degree

How did Trent become popular?

Trent Luckinbill became popular for producing different movies in which his brother acted. He works as a full-time layer in this daily life and has kept producing movies as his side hustle. His notable works include 12 strong. Only the brave and the recent Reptile. In most of his movies, he is seen working with his brother as a lead cast of the movie, and both brothers seem to have a great bond while working. However, Trent Luckinbill seems to be richer, which has allowed him to produce more movies.

Is Trent Luckinbill married to his wife?

Trent is not as popular as his brother on the internet. Moreover, there are also no details about his social media accounts. He is a grown-up 90s man, and he seems to keep his private life to himself. Since we don’t have any details about his social media account, his brother also hasn’t said anything about his wife. How are we supposed to know then? It turns out that the University of Oklahoma posted a picture of Trent and his wife on their website.

Trent Luckinbill
Trent Luckinbill and his wife Via Uni. of Oklahoma

From the university’s website, it seems that both of them went to the same college and got graduated in the same year. Trent Luckinbill’s wife’s name seems to be Cynda Ottway, and they both are seen receiving Alumni awards in the photo. They both look pretty old, and we think that they might even have kids. However, Trent Luckinbill hasn’t confirmed the information.

What is the net worth of Trent Luckinbill?

Trent is a popular lawyer and also a film producer. If he was only a film producer and not a lawyer, he still is making quite a good amount of money on his own. When a film is produced, he does have to pay for his actors and the production team. However, when the film does well on the small or big screen, all the revenue made by the movie is collected by the producers. So, how much is the net worth of producer and lawyer combined then?

It turns out that his net worth is around $5 Million. This net worth is calculated by calculating the average sum of all his assets and liabilities. So, though we said the number as 5, we are sure that he makes more than the number. Moreover, his brother also gets a cut whenever the movie goes viral. So, it is pretty clear that they both are making a good amount of money!

What is the height of Trent Luckinbill?

He is 6 feet and 1 inch tall like his brother and weighs around 65kg. Like his brother, he also has light gray eyes with blonde hair color. Born in Caucasian ethnicity, this has allowed them to inherit fair skin with a muscular body type. However, we don’t have any details about his zodiac sign. Even though they are brothers, we are sure that they don’t share the same zodiac signs.

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