Suppose you have ever stumbled across the television series Timeless. Chances are, you already know the actress. She is famous for her features like high town, high maintenance, and being a good wife. In our coverage today, we will talk about none other than Tonya Glanz. Tonya Glanz is a popular American actress, model, and media celebrity. 

She started her career back in 2005 and has finished working on over 30 features as of 2024. Besides the features we mentioned, she is also famous for Law and Order and Blue Bloods. Her recent feature in the television series High Desert has impressed many audiences. Due to this, the audience wanted to know more about the popular actor and her lifestyle. Hence, we have dedicated our entire coverage to her biography so that you can learn more about her.

Tonya Glanz Partner: Is She Dating? Learn about her Relationship

Quick Facts
Full NameTonya Glanz
Date of Birth19 July 1982
BirthplaceAlameda County, California, United State
Net worth$1.3 million
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Zodiac SignCancer
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorHazel
Tonya Glanz
Tonya Glanz on Red Carpet (Source: Getty )

What is Tonya Glanz Age?

As of 2024, she might be around the age of 41. However, she will be 42 years old on July 19th. Nevertheless, she was born on July 19, 1982, in Alameda County, California, United States.

Since he was born in America and grew up, she was able to hold the American Nationality Card, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Other than that, details about her parents and siblings are not public. The only detail we know about her family is that her cousin’s name is Robin.

What is Tonya Education?

Usually, any actor or actress’s academic details are public. However, she has not revealed anything about her education yet in her case. Even though there is no obvious reason for her to hide this information, the media is not yet interested in her educational background.

Nevertheless, he has explained that she finished her primary education at her local school and college in California. Other than that, she attended a popular theatre school in America to learn more about her acting.

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When did Monica Raymund and Tonya Glanz work together?

Since Tonya He is such a diverse actress, she has been able to get featured in a lot of television series and movies. One of them includes a popular television series named Hightown. Hightown was a series dedicated to the life of an alcoholic female person.

It showed her journey to recover from that particular habit. In that particular television series, she shared the screen with Monica Raymund. They both shared several diplomatic and intimate scenes, which later on sparked the controversy. However, her all-time famous series is Timeless, where Tonya acts in the role of Jessica Logan.

Tonya Glanz
Tonya Glanz (Source: Getty)

Who is Tonya Glanz Husband?

As of 2024, she is not married, so there is no point in her having a husband, and she is also not lesbian. While searching, we also found out that she is not homophobic and will indeed accept bisexual relationships. Right now, she is just waiting for her perfect partner to arrive. When an actress is already 40 years old, it is obvious that the audience questions her partner. Similarly, different media sources were trying to find her husband.

Is Tonya Glanz gay?

Tonya after her controversial role as a lesbian in the television series Hightown. People started thinking that she might be lesbian. Even though this statement was not confirmed or denied by her, this didn’t stop people from thinking that she was gay. However, while scattering through the Internet, we have collected the necessary information about her marriage.

Is Tonya’s Instagram Active?

Like any other actor, she also uses her Instagram to promote her movies and TV shows. Even though she doesn’t have that much of a follower count on her Instagram, it seems that she engages her followers by posting different content related to her upcoming projects.

As of May 2024, she has around 6.6K followers and follows around 1.7K people. We can also find her pictures and television cast members of popular television series on her Instagram. Hence, if you want to follow her Instagram, you can always follow it under the username @teenycrostini.

Tonya Glanz
Tonya Glanz in Model Photoshoot Bloopers (Source: Weekly Magazine)

What is Tonya Glanz Net Worth?

She started her acting career back in 2005 but dropped it in the middle. She seems to have lost the pace of working in movies and slowed down for a while. However, it seems that she has begun to pick up the pace of her acting and is continuously working.

As of 2024, she has finished filming one television series and several model photoshoots. If we have to make an account, her primary income source is acting. It seems that, as of 2024, her net worth might be around $1.3 million only through her acting and modeling gigs. She earns this money by working on several television series and movies.

What is Tonya Glanz Height?

As of May 2024, her exact body measurements are not public. Usually, these details are given by the fashion designers of several actors and actresses. However, in her case, the details about her body measurements are not public yet.

Other than that, it seems that her height is around 5 feet and five inches, along with her body weight being around 55 kilograms. In addition, she resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Finally, her zodiac sign is Cancer. 

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