The recent debut of the Happy Place THC drink from Tamra Judge, Vena has got plenty of people excited, not least of which is Tamra herself. She has showcased the drink on RHOC as well as The Jeff Lewis Podcast, and the beverage is certain to delight those who are keen to find a great alternative to alcohol. With refreshing flavors, no alcohol, and a low-calorie count, these drinks are certain to appeal to many people.

In addition to that, many people who drink alcohol regularly do so to help them to unwind and relax. Some are well aware of the potential damage alcohol can do, others realize that they will end up with a hangover, and some do not even like the taste. It is little wonder that many people wish there was an alternative that could help them to relax and enjoy a buzz without the booze – and now there is, courtesy of Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge and her company, Vena.

Happy Place THC Drink
Happy Place THC Drink in different flavors

More About The Happy Place

A lot of people will love these drinks for a variety of reasons. The Happy Place drinks offer a range of benefits, including:

  • A choice of fruity and refreshing flavors
  • No alcohol
  • Only 40 calories each
  • 2 mg of THC for a great buzz
  • Affordable pricing

These are just some of the reasons why many people are likely to want to try out the Happy Place THC drinks for themselves.

Why They Are Ideal as an Alcohol Alternative

So, why is Happy Place a great alternative to alcohol? Well, here are some of the many reasons why:

You Won’t Have to Nurse a Hangover

One of the major reasons why these drinks are a great alternative to alcohol is that you won’t be left nursing a hangover the next day. Besides that, there are several effects of alcohol on the body. Many people know how awful a hangover can be, and it can put you out of action for the best part of the following day. You end up with a sore head, sickness and nausea, and all manner of ill effects from the booze. With the Happy Place drinks, all of this can be avoided, and you can enjoy having fun without the risk of a hangover the following day.

The Effects Are as Rapid as Alcohol

Many people turn to alcohol not because they love the taste or want to make themselves hungover. People consume because they want to feel the effects of the booze. Some drink simply to unwind, loosen up, boost confidence when socializing, and have fun. Well, with Happy Place drinks, you can get all of this without the alcohol. The effects of drinking these Happy Face THC drinks are as rapid as alcohol, so the only thing you have to lose is the hangover!

You Can Enjoy the Great Taste and Flavor

Of course, you also get to enjoy the great taste and refreshing flavor of these drinks.  Alcohol can sometimes taste bitter and nasty, but with these drinks, you can enjoy the taste.

These are some of the reasons why Happy Place drinks are a great option as an alternative to alcohol.

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