Who Are Sammi Haney Parents? Do They Support Her Disability?

Sammi Haney, an American media personality, came into popularity after acting on Netflix’s Raising Dion. She acted as Esperanza, Dion’s Best Friend in the series. The 11-year-old actress has been diagnosed with Brittle bone disease. She was diagnosed with this disease since her birth. Her bones are extremely light and fragile. They even break if […]

What Is Sammi Haney Net Worth? All About Her Source of Income

If you are dedicated to your work and love yourself for what you are, no one could ever dare to stop you from being successful. Sammi Haney, a cast of Raising Dion, was birthed with a disability but still found her way to prove her worthiness to the world. Sammi Haney Net Worth and her […]

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