Kendis Gibson

We have recently covered a lot about American journalists and reporters on our website. Today we are doing this so that you can learn more about the famous journalists of America and some insights into their lives. We are not stopping anytime as we will learn more about well-known Belizean-born journalist Kendis Gibson.  Kendis Gibson […]

Shannon Pettypiece

Shannon Pettypiece is a very talented and hardworking media journalist, has worked on several T.V. programs. She has currently connected in a working contract with NBC News Digital as the Senior White House Correspondent. People loved to see Pettypiece’s confident and expressive way of broadcasting news to the public. However, very few were gifted to be able to […]

Chris Jansing

Chris Jansing is yet another well-known American professional Journalist. She currently connected with her profession being a senior national correspondent in NBC News. Chris works under NBC’s division MSNBC as a News anchor and White House correspondent too. However, the Emmy Award winner Chris’s life has been filled with full of twists and turns. She […]

Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell is a quite popular American author, speaker, and commentator at MSNBC. She is a survivor of sexual assault which made her speak up against rape culture, racism, and so on. A perfect example of “an incident either breaks a person or makes a person”. So let’s learn more about an energetic lady and […]

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