Scott Yancey and Amie Yancey: Learn About Their Relationship and Kids

Flipping Vegas is a show that blew the entertainment world when it premiered first in 2010. Likewise, if you are a real fan of ‘Flipping Vegas’, you surely heard the popular duo of the show, Scott Yancey and Amie Yancey. Yes, the power couple whose fans cannot get enough of them. scarpe tata marella black […]

What is Amie Yancey Net Worth? Learn About Her Earning Shared With Husband Scott Yancey

Besides being the wife of TV personality and real estate investor Scott Yancey, Amie Yancey has an acclaimed career as an interior designer herself. With TV screen time through the reality show Flipping Vegas, Amie showcased her potential in the real estate business. Working for her husband’s company Goliath Company, she pours her designing beauty […]

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