Kathleen Zellner

Kathleen Zellner is a popular American defense attorney who focuses extensively on different wrongful convictions. She is known for her confident remarks about her client’s safety. Kathleen is seen working on harder cases that have changed her life in different ways. One of her major cases lies in a murder case that allowed her to […]

Larry Bakman

An American attorney and television personality named Larry Bakman served as a judge on Judith Sheindlin’s TV show Hot Bench from 2014 to 2016. On the CBS panel court program Hot Bench, he was one of the three judges. Even though he left Hot Bench, he is still famous among people for many other famous […]

Monica Schwebs

The federal law protectors, and attorneys, are the popular Society people. They have massive respect of society, but their work is also considered Golden. Similarly, today, we will talk about Monica Schwebs. She is famous as a Federal American attorney and the wife of Mark Schissel. If you guys don’t know, her husband is the […]

Holly Bankemper

Table of Contents Toggle Early Age Career Personal Life Married Life Children Net Worth Social Media Holly Bankemper is an American attorney who has practice law for more than thirty years. Also, she is more famous in the American entertainment industry as the wife of Cris Collinsworth. If you don’t know Cris, he is a […]

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