Suzie Ketcham is also a celebrity and a reality television personality, and a professional real estate agent. She gained fame after appearing on VH1’s Basketball Wives. The show is all about showing the actual life of professional and personal lives of the wives, ex-wives, and the girlfriend of the professional basketball players of the USA.

She is also the wife of her former husband Michael Olowokandi who is a professional basketball player. Suzie garnered prominence when she married Michael. Though they are not in the same terms as they were in the past, Suzie has made the name of herself in the industry.

Suzie Ketcham Children: How Many Kids Does She Have?

Quick Profile
Full Name Suzie Ketcham
DOB February 20,1978
Zodiac sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian-American
Partner Michael Olowokandi
Children Two
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Waist Size 26 inches
Net Worth $2 million

What is Suzie Ketcham age?

Suzie Ketcham was born in 1978 in New York City. Her birthday is on February 20. Her parents were American (father) and Portuguese (mother) with Cultural roots. Suzie is partly Asian, having been born to parents of mixed ancestry. Suzie’s zodiac sign is Pisces, and Violet & Primrose is her natal flower.

Suzie has a close relationship with her parents and occasionally tweets about them. She tweeted about her mother and brother on October 7, 2009, expressing her mother’s sweetness while drunk. In May 2006, Suzie’s father passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Where did Ketcham receive her education?

Suzie Ketcham has been praised for her outstanding performance and high grades since she was a teenager. Suzie Ketcham started high school when she was 16 years old. After completing her high school studies, a public US state institution awarded Suzie Ketcham a Bachelor of Arts degree.

What is Suzie Ketcham profession?

In 1999, Ketcham was in a relationship with NBA player Michael Olowokandi, which brought her fame. Basketball Wives, a reality TV series on VH1 that follows the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of professional basketball players, featured her in 2010.

In addition, she was a guest on Big Morning Buzz Live (2011). She began working in real estate in 2013 after Basketball Wives finished. Before being sent to Miami, she resided in Hong Kong and Los Angeles as part of her job.

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Who is Suzie Ketcham husband?

Michael Olowokandi, a former NBA player, was in a healthy relationship with Suzie. The pair met at Pepperdine University and began dating.

How many children does Suzie Ketcham have?

After dating for a short period. of time, Suzie became pregnant with their first child during their final year of the university. Suzie and Michael later welcomed a second child into their family. The couple had two children together, both of whose identities are kept a secret.

Why did Suzie and Michael seperated?

Her relationship with Michael, her boyfriend at the time, was bittersweet at the beginning. During Michael’s return from Clipper’s trip in December 2001, Suzie and Michael got into a quarrel. Michael was joined by a woman who has yet to be recognized.

Suzie couldn’t resist her anger and assaulted Michael, throwing her watch and earring at him. On December 6, 2009, she told the LA Times that she was jealous of the lady.

However, Suzie was injured and had scratches on her hands and a bruise on her head due to the incident, which supported Michael’s allegations of attacking Suzie. On the other hand, Suzie accepted full responsibility for her thoughts, claiming she was to blame.

Despite their ups and downs, the pair was able to stay together, but not for long, as they divorced after ten years of marriage. Suzie made an appearance on Basketball Wives after the couple divorced in 2009.

Magazine Interview

She told Essence magazine in a 2010 interview, I met my ex when I was very young, and he was always very much about me, our house, and our privacy.” When you’re young, you don’t understand yourself; therefore, you believe that what’s his is also yours. ( And for a time, you’ll go to great lengths to defend it until you realize, “Wait a minute, why am I spending my life this way?”

Ketcham has been out of the public since 2013, raising their two children and keeping her whole life private.

Is Suzie active in social media?

Suzie Ketcham has been able to gain massive attention and a large social media following on Twitter with thousands of devoted followers in only a few weeks. She appears to have a Twitter account with more than 212k followers.

What is the net worth of Suzie Ketcham?

The ex-wife of Michael Olowokandi has earned her name being a part of Basketball Wives. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Suzie Ketcham has an estimated net worth of about $2 million, as of 2021.

Besides, Michael being a renowned retired professional baseball player, has earned a handsome amount of money. His net worth is approximately $20 million.

What is Suzie Ketcham height?

Suzie’s height and weight are unknown; however, we will update you as soon as possible. Besides, her hair is dark brown, and her eyes are also brown. Her breast is 33 inches in diameter, her waist is 26 inches, and her hips are 32 inches in diameter. In addition, she is wearing a 33B bra.

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