You might recall Susie Behm Wheldon through her former relationship with famous racing champion Dan Wheldon. He won the IndyCar Series Driver’s Championship in 2005, making him one of the most famous Formula 1 racers. However, we are here to learn about Susie Behm’s net worth and her career achievements, apart from her fame as a celebrity wife.

As per her appearance, Susie has a purely American and white ethnic background. She was born during the 1970s and is currently in her 50s. After the unfortunate accident of Susi Behm’s husband, Dan Wheldon, she stands out in her business and makes millions through it. Also, even though the whole world recognizes Susie because of her late husband, the woman never lets herself become dependent on that.

Has Dan Wheldon’s Wife Susie Behm Remarried?

Susie Behm Net Worth
Susie Behm Wheldon, wife of Dan Wheldon (Source:

Susie Behm broke down into pieces when her husband left her on October 16, 2011. But she finds the courage to stand up for her family and her kids, which are the last things Dan left behind him. Also, Behm learned and continued her profession and utilized the property of millions of dollars to create a successful life. Let’s discover her net worth and income here.

What is Susie Behm’s Net Worth?

According to online tabloids, Susie has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2024. Although the American lady is better recognized as the former wife of the late Dan Wheldon, there are still many sources from which Behm makes a hefty amount of money. She initially joined and met Dan as his manager/assistant. Later, the pair discovered a pure love for one another, leading them to get married in 2008 officially.

Susie Behm Net Worth
Susie Behm’s Net Worth in 2024 (Source:

Soon, she became popular because her husband and numerous brands started approaching her for endorsements. But she still remembers and recognizes herself as the wife of Dan, who passed away on 16 October 2011. Before his demise, Susie and Dan had already become parents of two kids, Oliver and Sebastian.

As a result, Susie held her broken heart and started focusing on all of the businesses Dan made for her. She has worked in various paid advertisements and modeling agencies. Before Dan’s death, he had accumulated a net worth of $15 million, later transferred to his wife and children.

What Exactly does Susie Behm Do for a living?

Susie Behm has not talked to the media after her tragic incident. There are also no records of her profession aside from being a celebrity wife. However, many sources claim that she was an accounting officer in an enterprise business before being hired as an assistant for Dan Wheldon. 

Susie Behm Net Worth
Susie Behm With her Kids (Source: Weekly Magazine)

Currently, the lady is the sole owner of her husband’s property and all the other assets he left behind. As a result, even if Susie did not have anything in the past, she is a millionaire who has a net worth of over $4 million as of 2024. She lives a luxurious lifestyle along with his son, daughter, and family members.

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