Danish supermodel Stephanie Corneliussen’s marriage to Emil Simonsen in 2011 has been very controversial. Unfortunately, Emil Simonsen, better known by his stage name Orgi-E, did not have a very blissful marriage. The 34-year-old supermodel is best known for her role as Joanna Wellick in Mr. Robot. Emil was in mid-success with his bandmates and had some fame as a rapper. Both patrons spoke about the split publicly following their break. However, they never accused each other directly. She and Stephanie Corneliussen’s husband never had a good relationship.

Now that the former couple has moved on from their infamous divorce, many questions await. Stephanie Corneliussen’s marriage to Emil was at its peak of success. A rumor runs that her success and fame are the root causes of her split with Emil. Also, there was there of Stephanie cheating on Emil. Many possible aspects of the separation are speculation, but a fair share of the reason is known. Therefore, today we dig into the matter and filter out the actual truth.

How is Stephanie Corneliussem’s Marriage Life with her husband?

Stephanie and her former husband seemingly never had a stable marriage. Their relationship never had the base formation, i.e., trust in their relationship. Emil accused her of not being utterly devoted to her. Emil, being a rapper, was also at the center of fame. Stephanie Corneliussen’s Marriage ended with Emil Simonsen, which happened after a short time of dating. An angle of divorce suggests, that Emil never trusted Stephanie and made several accusations. Although, there is no evidence of the speculation that fueled such rumors,.

Stephanie was also in a relationship with Emil’s closest buddy and bandmate, Troels Neilson. The supermodel was frequently seen with Troels following her split with Emil. Naturally, this fed a lot to the fact that she had been cheating. Hence, this was the reason for the infamous divorce.

In addition to this, the actress was in a relationship with Bryce Vine in 2015. Sooner or later, this relationship also came to an end. Currently, Stephanie is not seeing anyone, at least in from of the paparazzi. Furthermore, the supermodel is bisexual, which could be a supporting factor for the divorce with Emil.

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Do Emil and Stephanie have kids?

Emil Simonsen and Stephanie Corneliussen do not have kids together. However, Stephanie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2020. The baby’s father’s name is still a secret. As a bisexual, she might be a mother to another lady. Or, maybe the child’s father is a secret for privacy. Whatever it may be, Stephanie seems to be enjoying motherhood.

The details of the baby girl’s other parent are a secret. But Stephanie has termed the kid “their,” hinting that she is not a single mother. All the viewers are waiting for her to give out the details of her partner. At least just a peak is enough for all the supermodel fans. Stephanie enjoys motherhood, and Emil is entirely focusing on his career. He does not have an official date or a child.

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