The sad demise that a legendary actor Sidney Poitier left the whole entertainment industry in shock. He had been married to a Canadian-American actress Joanna Shimkus for more than four decades. He left behind his six children and wife after his death at 94 on the 6th of January 2022. However, among the six kids, Sidney shares two beautiful and talented children, widely known as Joanna Shimkus Daughters.

Even though the man was considered one of the best actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood, he always stays and will be remembered as the best husband and father of his daughters. Together with Joanna, the man welcomed their first child Sydney Tamiia Poitier and second child Anika Poitier.

Similarly, he shares four more kids from his past marriages and affairs with Juanita Hardy: Pamela Poitier, Beverly Poitier-Henderson, Gina, and Sherri Poitier. Both Sidney and Joanna played a significant role in the upbringing of their kids and established them on bigger screens in Hollywood. Let’s know how Joanna Shimkus Daughters Doing Nowadays and what are their upcoming planning.

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Joanna Shimkus Daughters Present Life As Hollywood Personalities!!

The world’s first black man, Sidney, to win an Oscar, passed away, leaving a legacy of six daughters. However, before his demise, the man successfully established each of his daughters into the Entertainment industry, making someone a director, actress, model, or producer.

Similarly, the two daughters named Sydney Tamiia and Anika Poitier are most famous among other step-sisters. They were the last memories left by Sidney to his wife, Joanna Shimkus. Sydney Tamiia, born on the 15th of November, 1973, completed her graduation from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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Later, she began her acting career from the role in a drama series called First Years. Then eventually received another role in the TV show Joan of Arcadia, Veronica Mars, Chicago P.D, and Homecoming. After gaining immense name and fame in the industry, Sidney and Joanna’s daughter is currently spending a peaceful life with her husband, Dorian Heartsong.

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The lady also showed her affection towards her father, mentioning him as, “The world may know him for his iconic character and historical figure, but for me, he was just a really, really good dad.” Furthermore, the second daughter Joanna Shimkus, Anika Poitier, is currently a director and actor.

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She has performed in various TV shows and films and gained popularity for her notable roles. She was also very close to her father. As in an interview with her sister Sidney in The Hollywood Reporter, the lady mentioned how interestingly they used to do fun with her father. “We could make him call room service, and then he could have to open the door with pink barrettes and lipstick on.”

Where Are Sidney Poitier Other Four Daughters?

Like Sidney’s two above daughters from his second wife, Joanna Shimkus, his other four daughters also work the same. He raised his daughters, Beverly Poitier, Pamela Poitier, Sherri, and Gina Poitier, with the same love and care.

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Beverly is currently a Casting Department head in the film industry. She began her career with the 1991 film Separate But Equal. In addition, the lady has also earned credits working as a director and video producer. She spends her life mostly away from the media spotlight.

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Similarly, his second daughter, Pamela, is a talented actress known for her roles in Stir Crazy and The Jackal. She is one of the closest daughters to her father’s heart. Furthermore, Sherri took her step into the acting industry from the film A Piece of the Action but soon took her to break from the media limelight.

Meanwhile, Gina is an intelligent and hardworking lady. She is a fashion designer by her profession who has her designer boutique called Bejai. The lady married Gaetan Gouraige in 1988 and had four kids. But unfortunately, she also passed away on the 27th of May, 2018.

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