Sharon McKemie is a well-known celebrity mother who was recently brought into the light because of her son’s popularity; For those who don’t know, she is the mother of a popular tv personality named Eivin Kilcher. Eivin is a celebrity in America who has been able to gather a good number of fame from his Discovery channel’s tv show: Picture Alaska.

Though people know a thing or two about her son, they are blank about his mother. One of the primary reasons is that she is not quite popular in television show, and Eivin rarely talks about her. However, today we are scattered around the internet to learn more about the details of the mother of the famous tv persona Eivin. In this coverage, we have tried our best to keep all the public elements about her life.

Quick Facts
NameSharon McKemie
AgeAround 60 years old
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthUSA
RelationshipDivorced to Otto
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorHazel
Height5 feet and 7 inches =
Net WorthUnknown
Sharon McKemie
Sharon McKemie with her son and husband Via Biographyonline

What is Sharon McKemie Age?

Sharon has not shared any details about her birthdate or hometown. From what we know, it seems that he is of American from her nationality and Caucasian from her ethnicity. Other than that, we could not track down any info related to her birth details. If we have to assume her age, then as of 2022, she might be 60 years old.

Where did Sharon receive her education?

Any details about her education are just empty as the details about her birthdate. Though we tried to search through different internet articles, we could not find any details regarding her education. From what we think, she might have finished her primary and secondary education at her local schools and colleges.

Did Sharon McKemie become popular because of Son Eivin Kilcher?

Yes, she became popular because of her association with her son Eivin Kilcher. Her son is a well-known tv personality who became famous for the Discovery reality television series Alaska: The Last Frontier. Since her son used to mention her name a couple of times in that particular television show, people grew curious to learn more about Sharon.

Sharon McKemie
Sharon McKemie with her friend Via Instagram

Is Sharon McKemie Otto Kilcher first wife?

We are not concrete about the details of whether she is the first wife of Otto or not. However, while researching more about her husband’s life, we were able to find any details that linked any other partner with Otto. So, until we know any other name, she is indeed the first wife of Otto Kilcher. Unfortunately, her husband and Sharon have been divorced for quite a while. With her husband, she has seven children named Eivin, Bonnie Kilcher, Jane Kilcher, Charlotte Kilcher, Shane, Atz, and Atz Lee Kilcher.

Does Sharon have her own social media account?

Certainly, no! As far as our research is concerned, she doesn’t have her own social media account on any of the popular social media platforms. People know her as Eivin Kilcher’s mother, and she wants to keep it like that. Moreover, she is also quite old to focus her energy on social media and other media interactions. So, as of 2022, she doesn’t have any social media account.

Sharon McKemie
Sharon McKemie with her family Via Instagram

What is Sharon McKemie Net Worth?

When we learned about Sharon McKemie, we were unsure about her career. However, as the episodes of the popular television show started coming, we learned that she is a simple housewife. Since no additional details supported the statement of her income, we could not calculate any details regarding her net worth.

What is Sharon McKemie Height?

Miss Sharon McKemie Bauer stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches, along with her current body weight is mysterious. Due to a lack of media interaction, we don’t know anything about her current body weight. Similarly, we also don’t know about her current health condition, and we are hoping that she is doing okay. Finally, it seems that her zodiac signs are also unknown at the moment.

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