Samantha Taffer, the only daughter of American entrepreneur and TV figure Jon Taffer, made her appearance on her dad’s show Bar Rescue in 2012. A former bartender, Taffer, has since sprung her path into managerial roles. Currently, she works for Republic National Distributing Company, the second-largest beverage distributor of premium wine in the USA.

Having graduated from the University of Southern Indiana, she saw jobs as a market representative and general manager earlier. Well, her Bar Rescue creator and host father is a millionaire, so fans are excited about Samantha’s earnings. Is she a millionaire too? How much is Samantha Taffer net worth? Let’s know!!

Samantha Taffer Net Worth In 2021- Income Source and Salary

Many online tabloids report that the 32-year-old who believes “passion and career collision, a beautiful thing” is yet to mark the millionaire milestone. Though, Taffer allegedly owns a net worth in the 6-digit figure, approximately $600,000 in 2021.

Comparatively, her father Jonathan Peter Taffer has a net worth of $14 million currently, as per Celebrity Net Worth. The President of Nightclub and Bar Media Group, is the creator, executive producer as well as host of the Paramount reality series Bar Rescue (2011-Present). Probably, the inheritance of a chunk from Jon’s fortune could easily see Samantha Taffer’s net worth into millions.

Currently, the 2009 class graduate of the University of Southern Indiana works at Republic National Distributing Company; she has been there for the past 8 years. Since September 2017, she serves as Key Account Manager in the company. Moreover, she also continues to assume her role as a general market sales representative (since October 2013).

Even though her exact salary is yet to be out, a key account manager in the USA earns $97,902 ann per year. As per, the estimated average annual salary in Republic National Distributing Company is $125,675.

What Did Taffer Do Previously?

As per her LinkedIn profile, Samantha worked for a year (2012-13) on her father’s show Bar Rescue. There, she served as an expert bartender. Moreover, concurrently, she was working as a general manager of Chilly Willy’s Pub (from October 2010- December 2014).

Why Is Samantha Taffer’s Father Jon Taffer Famous?

A millionaire TV figure, Jon got wide acclaim through his entrepreneurship; the creator of the reality TV series Bar Rescue in 2011. Moreover, he is the executive producer & host of the series which is already on its 8th season run.

Jon Taffer became the President of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group in 2010. His book Don’t Bullshit Yourself, released in 2018 became New York Times Bestseller and Wall Street Journal Bestseller. He is an inductee of the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

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The American entrepreneur is married twice; currently, he lives with his second wife Nicole Taffer since they married on April 4, 2000. With his ex-wife (name undisclosed), he welcomed daughter Samantha Taffer.

Moreover, Jon is a grandfather as well. His daughter Samantha Taffer-Hanley welcomed a son, Rhett Hanley, on May 21, 2019, with her boyfriend-turned-husband Cody Hanley.

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