Ronda Jeter is an American TV personality. She is known for her work in The Andy Griffith Show. Her character is Karen Burgess, also known as Opie’s girlfriend. Likewise, Jeter was known to have a weird character personality. Her character eventually switched several names, like Karen Burguess. Sharon Mccall, Sharon Porter, and sometimes even played as a crowd member. This tv show is only her played television series.

Even though the whole television series had 249 episodes, she appeared in eight episodes. In each episode, she changed her character name and its character according to the story. However, Ronda decided to end her acting career just after her debut tv series. So, let us scroll down as we take a look at Ronda Jeter’s short and infamous acting career!

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Quick Facts
Full Name Ronda Jeter
Birthplace California, USA
Age More than 50 years
Children Yes
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Net worth $100k
Height 5 ft and 5 inches
Weight 66kg
Debut Tv series The Andy Griffith Show (October 3, 1963, to April 1, 1966)

Ronda Jeter
Ronda in  “The Andy Griffith Show” Via. Celeb Town

What is Ronda Jeter Age?

Jeter’s first television series was released in the ’90s. Media coverage during those times was not good as they are today. Hence, nobody cared about her birthdate and her birthplace, which is why we don’t have a correct answer for her birthplace. Media outlets suggest that Ronda Jeter might be in her 50s as the show itself has crossed the timeline of decades. However, we have information that she was born in California, United States.

What is Ronda Jeter Age? How Old is She? Learn About the Birthday of Opie’s Girlfriend Karen

Where did Ronda receive her Education?

Any information about her primary and high school education was not revealed. Our best guess is she might have done both from any California primary school. Moreover, she has not shared any detail about what she studied in university.

How did Ronda Career Begin?

Ronda was pretty famous during the era of The Andy Griffith Show, which was her debut television series. The public very much appreciated her acting. Even though the show was aired on black and white TVs. People of today also seem to enjoy television series. Ronda Jeter was always known for her good voice and fashion choices. Ronda herself said many times that she likes dressing up as an actress.

After 4-5 years of the show, her name became a thing of the past. People started to forget about her. She didn’t even participate in any movies or tv series. Her appearance didn’t even make it to tv commercials. Slowly her fame died. However, the whole cast met with each other in 2013 as a get-together, and you can see how much they aged. Ronda Jeter now looks like a grandma, and we guess she will keep it that way. She seems happy enjoying her family company.

Ronda Jeter
Ronda Black and white Via. Tv Guide Time

Where is Ronda Jeter Now?

There is not enough information available about her husband and children. However, we can best guess that she is a grandma to her children from her age. She seems to love her family company and lives her best life with them. ( She currently resides in some parts of the United States and her family.

What happened to Ronda Jeter, aka Karen Burgess?

Karan Burgess was the character of Ronda from the CBS comedy tv series: “The Andy Griffith Show.” She played Opie’s Girlfriend in the series. After over 58 years of the Andy Griffith Show, she lives with her family as a loving grandmother.

Ronda Jeter
Ronda Jeter (black hair) is a grandmother and her friends Via. Tv Guide Time

What is Ronda Jeter Height?

At 50 or above, her height is around 5 ft and 5 inches. Her real hair color is black, and she seems to have gained a weight of 66kg. Unfortunately, details about her zodiac sign and her body proportions are not available.

What is Ronda Net Worth?

Ronda Jeter has stopped acting after the Andy Griffith show. So, her net worth is not as high as it used to be. But different media sources have identified Ronda estimated net worth is around $100 thousand.

What is Jeter Instagram?

Ronda had an Instagram account in 2017. However, she seems to have deleted that account due to privacy reasons. So now, she doesn’t have any social media accounts.

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