Music and musicians are the ones who have a great role in our everyday lives. Whether celebrating our birthday or having a bachelor’s party, we need music everywhere. With that said, the name Richard Marc Dufay, popularly known as Rick Dufay, cannot be forgotten either. But throughout his successful journey, Rick Dufay’s parents were also the ones who supported his passion when he needed it the most.

He introduced his name to the music world as a rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. People nowadays see him as one of the most popular artists currently associated with The Rock Dufay Band and Blue By Nature. Rick Dufay has a stable life with his wife, Maureen Dumont Kelly, and daughter, Minka Kelly, who makes his life more beautiful. Below, we have included some information related to his early life and the actual beginning of his professional life.

All You Need To Know About Rick Dufay

Rick Dufay Parents
Rick Dufay and his daughter, Minka Kelly (source: Weekly Magazine)

Who are Rick Dufay’s Parents?

Rick Dufay was one of the two- children of his father, Richard Ney, and his mother, whose name has not been known yet. His father was married three times in his life. Ney first married Greer Garson on July 24th, 1943, but divorced her on October 4th, 1948. Similarly, he then exchanged his wedding vows with Pauline Settle on June 16, 1949, but again had to be alone as she died on June 23, 1986.

Finally, Rick Dufay’s father, Richard, married Mei-Lee Ney in 1987, which he carried for over 14 years. However, he died on July 18, 2004, leaving his son Rick and daughter Marcia McMartin. After his father’s death, Richard grew up in a high-profile family of celebrities, as his stepmother is also an artist.

Rick Dufay Parents
Rick Dufay’s Parents: Father Richard Ney and Step-mother Greer Garson ( Source:

Rick’s father, Richard, was a professional actor who made his name from hits like Mrs. Miniver, Ivy, and The Fan. Meanwhile, even though there is no confirmation of who exactly is his mother, she must be Pauline Settle. She stayed with Rick’s father for 37 years before her death. As a result, we can clearly say that Rick Dufay’s parents are Richard Rey and Pauline Settle.

Where is Rick now?

Rick Dufay was 52 years old when his father, Richard, passed away. He had multiple heart complications, which took his life in Pasadena, California, USA. However, Rick has found his motherly love from her moms, Pauline Settle and Mei-Lee Ney. The Aerosmith star Dufay spends his teenage days with Pauline but becomes familiar with his stepmother after her death.

At present, the man solely owns a family in Paris, France. He has a lovely wife, Maureen Dumont Kelly, and a gorgeous adult daughter, Minka Kelly. But unfortunately, his wife passed away at 51 in 2008, leaving the rockstar alone. Rick never let down his responsibility toward his children, and he always supported her as a father. Minka is also a professional actress for the role of Friday Night Lights.

Rick Dufay Parents
Rick Dufay With His Daughter at West Hollywood

Moreover, Rick’s daughter also shared a great daughterly bond with her father. On Thursday in West Hollywood, 2013, she gave her rock dad a loving daughterly kiss. Therefore, fans can see the bonding that a father and daughter used to make together.

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