Quinn Tivey is the son of Liza Todd and Hap Todd. He is carrying the legacy of his legendary British-American actress Grandmother Elizabeth Taylor and Oscar winner Grandfather Mike Todd as the ambassador of their AIDS foundation.

Quinn also left an impact on the entertainment industry, like his late grandmother. Scroll down to learn everything about Quinn Tivey in detail.

Is Quinn Tivey Gay or Straight? Learn About His Sexual Orientation

Quick Facts
NameQuinn Tivey
Age38 Years
Grand parentsElizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd
ParentsLiza Todd and Hap Todd
BrotherRhys Tivey
Height5 feet 7 inch
Movies playedWhat’s Your Number? The Company Men and A Special Relationship

What is Quinn Tivey Age?

Quinn Tivey was born in 1986, the first son of arts and animal lover Liza Todd and artist Hap Todd. He used to serve at Hudson Valley Steak House as well as a bus boy during his teenage days. As for him, he was just doing it because he wanted to explore and feel the external world closely.

Furthermore, he went to the University of South California and completed his MFA from the School of Visual Arts. He has a younger sibling named Rhys Tivey, who was born five years later than Quinn Tivey. Presently, both Quinn and Rhys have artistic ability, and Rhys established himself as a jazz musician in New York.

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How did Quinn Start his Career?

Quinn Tivey was born into a family of celebrities. His grandmother, Elizabeth, was a famous classical actress in the 1950s, and his grandpa was also an award-winning actor in Hollywood. Quinn was bitten by the acting bug, being the son of such famous Hollywood icons. He has shown his acting abilities in several films, like ‘What’s Your Number?’ ‘The Company Men’ and ‘A Special Relationship’.

After the demise of the legendary icon of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor, in 2011, her four kids and ten grandchildren took on the responsibility of carrying out the legacy she left for them. All of her children and grandchildren have the same feeling and nature of helping others.

Similarly, Quinn Tivey is working as one of the ambassadors of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, established in 1991. The main goal of the foundation was and is to help HIV/AIDS patients. The foundation also works to spread awareness regarding discrimination concerning HIV in society. Quinn is also a co-trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor Trust and estate, commonly known as the House of Taylor.

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Is Quinn Married?

The 38-year-old Tivey does not seem to be involved in any sort of relationship. This might be because he is more focused on building his career than on dating. However, it is just our perception, as he might be single because of his reasons too.

Not being committed to anyone at the age of thirty-eight, there is a rumor spread all over the internet. The rumor is “Is Quinn Tivey Gay?” as the fans and well-wishers of him suspected his sexuality. However, Quinn has not reacted or said anything regarding this topic.

What is Quinn Tivey Height?

Quinn Tivey has a beautiful pair of violet eyes, just like his grandma Elizabeth. His attractive eyes and dashing personality are enough to attract numerous young and beautiful females. However, there is no information available regarding his actual height or weight, but supposedly he might stand at 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

What is Quinn Tivey Networth?

Based on information from the internet, Quinn Tivey’s net worth is reported to be around $600,000. He likely earns money from things like his advocacy work, helping others, giving talks, and advising. He might also have some money from his family or investments. However, exact details about how he earns his money aren’t usually shared publicly.

Is Quinn Tivey Instagram Active?

The handsome hunk grandson of Elizabeth Taylor does not seem to be quite active on social networking sites. He does not have any Instagram accounts by his name; however, he owns a Twitter account. Quinn Tivey has approximately 1K followers on his Twitter account, @QuinnTivey, with 244 followers.

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