Ming Tsai’s wife, Polly Tsai, is undergoing treatment for her stage 4 cancer. She has been taking medications for a long time but still has not improved much. Ming Tsai has everything for his wife to make her a warrior to fight the demonic disease inside her. But Polly Tsai’s Alive or Dead is still a main trendy issue on the internet these days, so we are here to shed some light on her obituary rumors.

Ming Tsai’s wife, Polly Tsai, was born on September 24, 1977, and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She spent her childhood in a beautiful environment with her parents and brothers. Later, the lady met her American entrepreneur and TV star husband, Ming Tsai, who changed her life forever.

Polly Tsai Alive
Polly Tsai posing with her husband, Ming Tsai, at the 2016 James Beard Foundation Book (Source: Gettyimages.com)

Having a man like Ming is nothing less than a blessing for Polly Tsai. From supporting her through her most crucial stages to holding her hands on the most joyful days, the couple has made every day very special. Let’s know more here:

Polly Tsai is diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer!

All the well-wishers and those who know the Tsai family closely felt their legs slipping off the ground when hearing Polly’s cancer news. On October 25, 2018, Polly Tsai’s husband, Ming Tsai, revealed her wife had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Likewise, it was also a heartbreaking moment and a curiosity for fans to know Mings’ wife, Polly Tsai, was alive and healthy.

He revealed his wife’s condition with an emotional message: “My wife Polly Tsai was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, and the only things she needs are my support and people’s blessings” while receiving his 2018 Impact Award at the American Cancer Society’s California Spirit 33 Gourmet Garden Party.

Polly Tesai Alive
Polly Tsai is Alive But Still Undergoing Treatment for her Cancer (Source: glamourbuff.com)

Moreover, Polly also received a lot of financial help from different organizations. Her husband mentioned in his interview the lives of underserved families facing cancer. He said, “The average income of an American is $53,000 gross, and the average cost of cancer in a family is $85,000 gross. Imagine yourself as a mom or a dad, and you are broke. You only have this much money left, and you can either buy drugs to save your cancer-stricken loved ones or give other family members some food to be alive.”

Now, after thousands of treatments and diagnoses, Polly Tsai’s health is improving. She has been improving her health condition since 2021. However, she might need some more time to improve her status after her fourth stage of lung cancer. According to the doctors, Polly still has more years to live if she does not give up on her hopes. Unfortunately, there are fewer cases where a Stage 4 cancer patient survived or escaped death, like Polly Tsai.

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Polly is currently residing in the United States!

Besides being a cancer patient, Polly Tsai is also a wife and the mother of two adult sons. She tied her wedding knot with Ming Tsai in April 2016, but they have been together since 1999. However, her husband and kids are the main reason for the light in her life.

Polly Tsai Alive
Polly Tsai with her Husband and Two Sons (Source: Instagram)

Polly Tsai’s whole family stood by her side and vowed to help her fight it, no matter what the survival chances were. Ming’s wife is currently undergoing a pill treatment that costs $17,000. The whole Tsai family now resides in the United States and becomes one another’s strength in their current crucial stage.

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