Philipp Dettmer is better described as the CEO and founder of the YouTube channel, Kurzgesagt- in a Nutshell. He is a YouTube renowned personality with also a significant influence and contribution in the Entertainment industry too. So Philipp should also introduce as an actor, producer, director, and great science and arts movie director who brought a new concept of art and science in the era of Moviemaking.

As a successful Science and educational YouTube content creator and Movie director, Philipp Dettmer has earned a lot of credit for his roles. He has worked on the projects like Die Arbeit Warten, Backstreet Boys: 2015, Night session, Summer Break, and many more.

Quick Facts
NamePhilipp Dettmer
Age42 years
Net Worth$7.5 Million
YouTubeKurzgesagt- in a Nutshell
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor, Director and art director

Early Age

Philipp Dettmer is a kind of Secretive nature possessing character who does not like to stay in the media limelight. As a result, we only know a few of the things related to him. However, Philipp Dettmer was born in the Year 1978, in Munich, Germany. He holds German nationality, but his ethnicity is unknown.

Furthermore, he completed his primary education from a local German school but later attended Munich University of Applied Science. Philipp received his bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science in 2013.


Philipp Dettmer started his career in June 2010 as a Philipp Dettmer Information Design founder, situated in Munich. He continued to work on his founded information Design Company until 2013. Then following the same year in August, Philipp started his own YouTube channel name with Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.

Philipp’s main goal to create the channel was to spread education and knowledge through his information designs. He has the confidence to present his concepts, and ease of access designs can be understandable to everyone and also can be used for infographics.

Film Career

After the viewers’ successful response and positive appreciation, he later decided to work in the entertainment industry. As a result, he brought up the best possible ways to spread education through her movies, where he played actor, producer, director, and art director.

He received credits and awards for his movies like Night Session- 2015, Summer Break-2015, Revolution- 2014, Claudiu and the Fish, Loveland-2011, Mystery cache- 2011, Wallets- 2007, and many more.

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Awards & Achievements

Philipp Dettmer has received many Awards and Nominations for his films. He has nominated and received his first Biberach Film Festival’s award for Best Debut for his role in the Movie “Mystery Cache” in 2013. Similarly, in 2016, he has again nominated for one of the reputed awards, the European Civis Online Media Prize for his web videos.

Philipp Dettmer Controversial Videos and Criticism

The founder of Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell, YouTube Channel, Phillips Dettmer, faces criticism for his two controversial YouTube videos. The videos were about Refugee Crisis and Addiction; however, they also amongst his most viewed and like videos. He faced criticism as some people admitted and believed that those videos based on Refugee Crisis are toxic and insulting to several people.

On the other hand, Philipp’s video, “Addiction,” has been criticized for presenting less evidence on psychological and mental health. As both videos were highly viewed and liked by viewers, the Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell team later cut off all the connections with the videos in March 2019.

Social Media  

Philipp Dettmer is active on Social media sites with substantial fan followings with the name of his YouTube channel “Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell”. On Instagram, he has around 364K followers while on Twitter, Philipp has about 364.4K followers with @Kurz_Gesagt. On Reddit with the name @kurz_gesagt, he has 44,159 followers/ karma. Similarly, on the main YouTube channel, he has 15.2 Million Subscribers.

Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Philipp Dettmer started his YouTube channel in 2013 and has more than 15 million subscribers. He, along with his Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell team, used to earn between $8.5K to $136.8 K per month and $102.6K to $1.6 Million per year. Hence, as of 2021, Philipp Dettmer has an estimated Net Worth of approximately around $7.51 Million.

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