Sometimes the effort required to be famous is huge for the film industry. Not only an actor dedicates his fundamental skills to his movies and television shows. He also dedicates his health and his lifetime. Similarly, today, we have the opportunity to talk more about a Scottish-born American actor named Peter McRobbie. Peter McRobbie Is famous for being an actor famous for his works in The Visit, Hold the Dark and Juggernaut. 

He is not only famous for his regular movies and television shows but also famous for his works in popular Marvel movies like Spiderman 2 and others. The popular actor has worked in the movie industry for over two decades. Due to the popularity of his recent television series Clarice, People wanted to know more about the popular old age actor. This is why we have dedicated this entire coverage toward him so that you can learn more about him.

Quick Facts
Full Name Peter McRobbie
Date of Birth 31st of January 1943
Birthplace Hawick, United Kingdom
Nationality Scottish
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relationship Married to Charlotte Bova McRobbie
Net worth $5 million
Height 5 feet and 11 inches
Weight 75Kg
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Siblings None
Children Andrew and Oliver
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Father’s name William McRobbie
Mother’s Name Mary Fleming McRobbie

Peter McRobbie
Peter McRobbie in Gotham Via IMDb

What is Peter McRobbie age? 

Peter has his own dedicated Wikipedia page where it is mentioned that he is around the age of 79 years old. Peter McRobbie was born on the 31st of January 1943 in Hawick, United Kingdom. Since he was born in the Scottish area of the United Kingdom, his nationality is Scottish, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. His parents are William and Mary Fleming McRobbie, but he doesn’t have any siblings. 

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Where did Peter receive his education? 

Suppose we have to talk about his Academic details. In that case, he is one of those few actors who successfully has a proclaimed degree from the different popular educational Universities in the UK. Primarily, it seems that he finished his primary and secondary education at his local schools and colleges.

Other than that, he first joined the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale to learn more about his acting skills. After graduating from that particular university, he went to the University of Tulsa to learn more about his acting skills. 

How was Peter McRobbie Law and Order role? 

Even though his name was associated with the popular television show Law And Order. Sadly, it seems that he didn’t have any cameo on that. Other than that, Law and Order Guardian Peter McRobbie has also worked in the popular movie named In the Line of Duty: The FBI Murders. Even though he has worked in several movies and TV shows, He is still known for his work in Lincoln as Pendleton.

Peter McRobbie
Peter McRobbie in Lincoln Via IMDb

Within these years, he has been able to work with popular celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Jack Black and others. If you visit his IMDb page, you can see that Lincoln and the visit remain his top movies on the corner. Besides, he also joined a cast in Inherent Vice in 2013.

Is Peter McRobbie married? 

Yes, he is married to his longtime wife, Charlotte Bova McRobbie. The couple started dating back in 1975 and finally married back in 1977. They share a beautiful bond and even have two children named Andrew and Oliver. They have been married for over 44 years and will soon celebrate their 45th marriage anniversary in 2022. He has not been involved in any other relationship allegations within those years. ( Hence, we can say that he is a true, loving husband. 

Does Peter McRobbie have social media accounts? 

Even though he is a popular public celebrity, he stays away from social media. Peter loves to enjoy the time of his life without media attention. He only has one social media account on one platform named Twitter. He uses his social media account to share opinions and other Activities on Twitter. Even though Peter McRobbie’s not quite active on Twitter, you can follow him to learn more about his opinions and his life.

Peter McRobbie
Peter McRobbie in The Visit Via IMDb

What is Peter McRobbie net worth? 

After working in the industry for over 20 years, he has been able to gather experience and money. As you know, it is hard to find an experienced actor. He charges a good amount of money whenever he works in movies and TV shows. Even though he’s not one of the richest actors, he still earns a decent income.

However, popular God has never revealed about his network. It seems that his network is around $5 million as of 2022. Besides acting, he earns his money by appearing in other modeling and advertisement gigs. 

What is Peter McRobbie height? 

Currently, Peter is around five feet and 11 inches, with a bodyweight of 75 kilograms. He resembles a typical Scottish Caucasian facial structure with blonde hair and Hazel eyes. As of 2022, he suffers from a minor health complication and is on hiatus. Even though we certainly don’t know about his present condition, we hope he recovers soon. Finally, his Zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

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