Drinking and driving is the leading cause of car accidents that happens each year. When people drink more than usual, They usually lose their consciousness and end up hurting themselves and others. Similarly, today, we have to talk about yet another accident that took place in California. Today we are talking about how 82-year-old Paul Pelosi is making headlines in the media. The News of “Paul Pelosi Arrested” was released when the 82-year-old was found guilty of his actions of drinking and driving.

Paul Pelosi Arrested
Paul Pelosi Via Getty

Paul Pelosi is the husband of Nancy Pelosi, who is a high-profile American political worker and speaker in the United States House of Representatives. Even though his wife is a popular American political worker, He is popular for his work as an American businessman that operates financial leasing services.

Through Wikipedia, we learned that he married Nancy back in 1963 and has over Five kids together. They have been together for over 58 years, and soon will be celebrating their 59th anniversary in 2022. Now that we have some details about his past and present life, let us learn about the accident. 

Paul Pelosi was arrested for crashing his car!

An 82-year-old businessman was arrested in California when he was coming back from a party. We know about this particular detail because TMZ reported that the alcohol in his blood was 0.08% higher than the normal amount. This is one of the reasons why the police have been so strict with him.

Primarily, he was driving his 2021 Porsche around California after his party when a 2014 Jeep hit him. Even though he didn’t sustain any major injuries. It seems that the alcohol in his blood has been the reason for his arrest. Paul Pelosi immediately became arrested after being guilty of DUI driving.

Paul Pelosi Arrested
Paul Pelosi with his wife Via Sportskeeda

DUI which means drinking under the influence is an activity when you drink and drive the car under someone’s influence. DUI is one of the major causes of accidents on highways each year. Due to that reason, police didn’t take a Hinch at this particular accident and immediately arrested the 82-year-old American businessman. The particular incident towards first reported by TMZ and later on covered by others. 

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Did He Stay in Jail?

We came to know that they didn’t sustain any major injuries in that through these sources. Particular crash and everyone is currently doing okay. You cannot say the same for his car and the other Jeep. Big Both seem to have sustained a major injury on their front bunker due to the crash in California.

Due to this reason, he found it guilty to have charged himself due to the particular altercation. You can currently see the news of “Paul Pelosi arrested” on every news channel. For that day, he stayed in jail for his actions against another Driver.

Paul Pelosi Arrested
Paul Pelosi with his wife Via Getty

However, after pleading guilty and being ready to pay for his actions. The bail has been set for $5000 for the popular celebrity in The Napa County Sheriff’s Office. After paying his bail of $5000, the 82-year-old has been set free on Sunday morning.

Even though he was free within one day, different media portrays that he damaged his wife’s reputation due to this altercation. We particularly think that the matters would have been worse for Paul Pelosi, but they were good. 

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