No one would be more happy and proud of her world champion gamer son than a mother in this entire world. Darcy Giersdorf is the mother of Kyle Giersdorf, aka Bugha, who won the Fortnite World Cup in 2019 and included his name in the world of professional e-sports gamers and competitors.

Though she always advised her son not to engage in video games, her perception regarding the gaming world eventually changed when she saw her son holding a championship trophy in his hand. Not to mention, Darcy Giersdorf loves and supports her son very much.

Married Life and Kids

Besides Darcy’s identity as a gamer’s mom, she is also a loving wife of her husband, Glenn Giersdorf. The pair married during the 1980s and still shared the same romantic and robust bond as before their marriage.

Soon after some years of blissful marriage, Darcy gave birth to her only kid Kyle Giersdorf on 30th December 2002. Being the only child of the family, Kyle becomes the most beloved person by the family. Interestingly, he got the name of Bugha from his grandfather, which defines working harder in your field and challenges.

The Mom of Kyle Giersdorf, Darcy Giersdorf, came to fame after her son appeared in the Fortnite Gaming world on an International platform. She is currently taking care of and Living a Blissful Life With Her Husband and Son in their luxurious house in Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Darcy Giersdorf Son’s Gaming Life

Kyle, aka Bugha, has developed his interest in gaming because of his father, Glenn Giersdorf. Eventually, he started playing online games from Super MarioKart Battles and Call of Duty. Because of his gaming addiction, Mom of Kyle Giersdorf, Darcy Giersdorf, always worried about his future.

But he proved that looking back is not an option for him, as a result, Kyle established himself as the most professional Fortnite Player. He joined the e-sports organization “Sentinel” on 25th March 2019, and through the group, he reached the finals of the world championship.

Being a professional Fortnite Player, he has earned more than $3.1 Million money till now. Darcy’s son also owns a streaming YouTube channel having more than 3.88 Million Subscribers.

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