Popular TV Show ‘Homestead Rescue’ star Misty Raney Bilodeau, has always been one of the most cherished women on the whole Homestead Rescue show. People love and respect her for her environmentalist work and excellent agricultural and hunting skills to guide numerous families.

However, just like any other ordinary woman, she also found her other half, Maciah Bilodeau, with whom the lady has lived more than eleven years. The pair romantically connected because of their similar interest and respect toward mother nature.

After all these years of successful marriage life, people found something suspicious going through her several social media posts. Her fans often observed the change in her body weight, which may be because she’s pregnant. So let’s find out: Is Misty Raney Bilodeau Pregnant? And how is her marriage life going on in 2021?

Is Misty Raney Bilodeau Pregnant?

Misty has earned a reputed and most beloved place in her fan’s heart through several years of working as an environmentalist. She has taught various survival skills, building greenhouses, processing food, and turning any food into survival food. The ideas and confidence throughout the Homestead Rescue reality show are appreciable.

Raney then found her soulmate, Maciah Bilodeau, whom she called her beloved husband. Like Disney’s fairytale, both have exchanged their wedding vows and started a great family together, putting the side of their professions by the side. Misty became pregnant for the first time and gave birth to his son Gauge Bilodeau on 11 April 2011.

Furthermore, after the long 10-years of her son’s birth, The Homestead Rescue family belonging has again encountered fans’ spam inboxes regarding her weight gain. People speculate that it may be because she is pregnant again. However, we have scrolled down to her other newer pictures on her IG.

And it has been found that those extra weighing pounds are not her pregnancy. She has been gaining and losing weight due to her working profession in the show’s last few seasons. And it is natural that an increase in weight is only a natural phenomenon and does not only indicate pregnancy.

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Where is Misty Raney Now?

The beautiful lady is currently enjoying her married life in Alaska. As per the information from our sources, the Homestead Rescue woman owns three houses, one in Alaska and two in Hawaii. The family used to spend their lives in Alaska in winters and shifts to Hawaii during Summer.

The more than 20-years of a relationship still gets the same spark and love. And there is no place for misunderstandings and extra-marital affairs. Raney also, in her videos, encourages and praises the infinite support of her fans through her social media.

Moreover, Misty Raney and her husband have many pictures of sharing shooting screens. They are currently residing in Hawaii and preparing for the new episodes of Homestead Rescue and Raney Ranch in the 2021s.

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