Sometimes, people earn fame by themself for their hard work, achievement, deeds and charity. But today we are here to discuss one of the famous personalities who are popular as the kid of a celebrity. He is no other than Maximillian Fuse. He is a music enthusiast and has worked on many movies with his mother.

Maximillian Fuse is fortunate, as he was born and raised in the world’s most developed cities. He has got quality education and has a vast inherited worth. Fuse being quite secretive, we tried our best to collect more details about him. Scroll down and read the full article.

Quick Facts
Full NameMaximillian Fuse
Age 39 years
Date Of BirthJanuary 5, 1983
ParentsOlivia Hussey and Akira Fuse
Grand ParentsOsvaldo Ribo and Joy Alma Hussey
Relationship StatusSingle
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight90 kg
Net Worth$ 2M
Maximillian Fuse
Maximillian Fuse with his mother Olivia

How Old is Maximillian Fuse?

Maximillian Fuse brought happiness for the first time when he was born on January 5, 1983. His age is 39 years. Maximillian landed his early steps in Los Angeles, California, United States. His parents are Olivia Hussey (mother) who is the winner of the Annie Awards for  DC animated universe and Akira Fuse (father)  who is a Japanese singer and musician. Furthermore, his grandparents are Osvaldo Ribo and Joy Alma Hussey. Fuse is famous for being a celebrity kid.

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Fuse got to spend his early childhood life full of happiness and resources. His parents nurtured him, were admitted to the local school and got his early education. Moreover, he was fascinated by music as his father was a musician, and he wanted to pursue a career as a singer. He has American nationality and mixed ethnicity.

How Maximillian Set Up his Career?

Given the limited available information on Maximillian, he has a successful academic career. But we live in a generation where most people love their passion for pursuing a career. Similarly, Maximillian, a die-hard fan of music, wanted to become a singer like his father. Although he has no official release till now, many of his loyal fans are waiting for his music to be released. Maximillian is famous for being a celebrity kid.

Maximillian Fuse
Childhood picture of Maxi

Who is Maximillian Fuse Dating?

Talking about his personal life, he is single as of now. There is no information about him dating anyone. It may be because he is still focusing more on his career. Moreover, due to his secretive nature, he has not opened up about his companion.

Yes, he has many female friends, but he has not claimed to be in a relationship with anyone of them. Since many of his fans are deliberately waiting to see him be with someone, so we will update you as soon as we receive information about his beloved.

Is Maximillian Available On Instagram?

As stated earlier, Maximillian is escaping the public eye; he is not available on Instagram. Though being a celebrity kid, he loves to live his life away from the limelight. Maximillian possesses good moral character and good conduct. He has a good social image. Moreover, he has not been a part of any controversies to date.

What is Maximillian Fuse Net Worth?

Maximillian has a net worth of about $2 M. Being a kid of a millionaire, he also has a seven-digit figure net worth. He has invested in multiple companies and stocks. Moreover, he is seen wearing products from luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani etc. Also, he drives luxurious sports cars and lives in Mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Maximillian Fuse
Childhood picture of Maxi with his parents

What is Maximillian Fuse Height?

Maximillian stands at a height of about 5 feet 8 inches and weighs about 90 kg. He has got Asian facial features. Fuse has black hair colour hair and has white skin tone. He has got black eye colour and wears spectacles over his eyes. Maximillian has a chubby body look. He looks cute when he smiles.

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