If a person has a long history of romantic relationships with a celebrity, they are automatically caught in the media’s attention. Hence, Martyn Eaden, one of the renowned celebrity Copywriters, Journalists, and Screenplay writers, rose to stardom being Chrissy Metz’s husband. She is a famous American singer as well as a plus-sized actress.

Eaden has written numerous screenplays for movies in which his most popular screenplays are Death Factory-2014 and Spurned-2016. Here we will be learning about some interesting facts about Martyn’s professional and personal life further in this Biography article.

Quick Facts
Name Martyn Eaden
Birth 1970
Age 51 Years
Nationality British
Profession Copywriter, Screenwriter
Ex-wife Chrissy Metz
Kids No
Net Worth $1 Million
Height 5 feet 9 inch

Early Age

Martyn Eaden was born in the 1970s somewhere in the United Kingdom and spent most of their early childhood days in his hometown. Though he never talked about his family details or personal life, neither he revealed his sisters yet. However, we can assume that he might have had a very comfortable childhood experience with his family.

In addition, he is a well-educated person, completed his primary education from a local educational institute, and further completed his graduation from a University.


Martyn Eaden is a proficient screenwriter and copywriter by his profession. He established his career by writing different scripts for movies. Moreover, Eaden’s most known written scripts are ‘Spurned,’ a short thriller movie with a plot about a couple who split up and try their best to make up.

In addition to that, Martyn also wrote a thriller and horror movie script, ‘Death Factory.’ Though Eaden is very proficient in his work, he was like a middle-class earner before meeting Chrissy and their marriage. He is a Journalist, but all of his talents and qualities were overshadowed because of his wife. As a result, we still have to wait for Eaden’s capabilities to shine in Hollywood.

Martyn Eaden’s Ex-wife Career

Unlike Eaden, Chrissy Metz began her career in 2005, involving herself in numerous films and appearing in supporting roles. Her guest appearance has been seen in the movie ‘Entourage,’ ‘My Name is Earl’ and ‘Huge.’ However, she received her biggest breakthrough when cast as Barbara in the 4rth season of ‘American Horror Story Freak Show’ aired in 2014.

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Personal Life

Besides Martyn Eaden’s other personal information or career details, his relationship story has spread all over the internet. In the beginning, Eaden met his ex-wife Chrissy on an Online dating site in 2006. The same year, Chrissy has shone in the entertainment world and has just stepped into the dating site.

After some months of chatting, the pair has connected so profoundly through emails and decide to meet face to face whenever Eaden visits Los Angeles. In their relationship, only Eaden was the one who always pushed himself to see his girlfriend. (fleshbot.com) However, during that time, Chrissy has also faced a financial crisis due to which she was unable to travel to Britain.

Martyn Eaden Becomes Chrissy Metz Husband Officially

Soon after some years of dating, the pair decided to take their relationship one step further, and Martyn made the first move proposing to Chrissy publicly. As a result, the two has officially married on the 5th of January, 2008, in Santa Barbara, California. All the family members, friends, and relatives were the attendees to their wedding ceremony.

Reason of Divorce

Martyn and Chrissy lived a delightful and blissful marriage until January 2013, then faced difficulties maintaining their relationship. Later on, Martyn filed a divorce appeal in November 2014, reasoning some ‘Irreconcilable Differences.’

As a result, the divorce was finalized on the 11th of December, 2015. But their exact reason for separation is still a mystery. It has been found that it could be professional life differences or some compatible issues. Following her divorce, Chrissy went through a drastic weight loss revealed in an interview in February 2020.

She mentioned that she lost around 100 Pounds of weight but never mentioned that it was because of her divorce from Martyn Eaden. Metz told me as she used to eat a 2,000 calorie diet and walk 20 minutes every day to maintain good health.

Relationship with John Stancil

After the divorce from Martyn Eaden, Chrissy started dating a camera and electrical department man, Josh Stancil. He has been credited for his participation in the films like ‘The Hangover, ‘I Love You Man’ and ‘Due Date.’ However, they also broke up in 2018, and currently, Chrissy is single.

Martyn Eaden’s Net Worth

As a successful Copywriter, Producer, and Screenwriter Martyn has accumulated around $1 Million of Net Worth as of 2021. However, it will be rising in the coming days as per the sources.

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